My to the lives of people around me.

My love for Civil Engineering began ever since I was achild. Having a father who is very passionate about his job as a Civil Engineersparked this interest. His inspiration is that it is not about the constructionbut the power, ability to think outside the box and the concept of combiningthe basic math and physics to find solutions to problems. Solving logical equations, numerals and solving mathproblem have enthralled meWhen I was in grade nine, my classmates and I went ona field trip to a construction site, where the foundation of a building wasbeing built. Whenever I look at the building now,its facade never excite me but what arouse my interest is the working andmechanism that governed the construction segment, paying particular attentionto each individual part and analyze how a specific pillar or an arch augmentsto the overall beauty and stability of the building.In school, I gained leadership, teamwork, goodcommunication and organization skills. Sport is a huge part of my life likeathletics (relay races, sprint races, long jump and long distance races),basketball, netball, volleyball and badminton which I have played for overeight years and have won several awards and medals. I learnt that the resultyou are seeking requires planning and teamwork.

I want to study at youruniversity to accede into a team that has the vision and knowledge required togive society a better landscape. I enjoy playingpuzzles and logic thinking games which I think has some parts to do with theconnection with what I want to study – my ambition. I had a one week experience on Civil Engineering at alarge scale company during the last winter holiday. Which gave me an insight ofwhat sort of problem occurs in the real world and how these problems are dealtwith. My Sixth Form knowledge came into application in reality and I was taughtsome basics in Civil Engineering like using creative designs and team work toachieve set goals. I chose Civil Engineering as mycourse of study because it gives me the opportunity to shape the world into aplace that will be beneficial to the lives of people around me.

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It is aprofession that is growing and evolving at a fast rate and I want to be a partof the developing. Many times I look at structures in different ways, realizingtheir complexity of design and understanding more to the forces and power theyundergo and i feel very inspired in discovering how engineers had overcome suchobstacles (using goegrid on water logged areas before putting the foundation).  I believe I have the skills and potentialsrequired to succeed in my course. I aspire to and learn from the best hopingfor an acceptance into your university and anticipate a positive feedback fromyour university.Iintend to return back to my country upon completion of my first degree todevelop majorly my town by building better roads with good network, bridges,tunnels, and such and also to inspire younger children who also have desire togo in my field of study


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