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My passion for the environment, is one that began during my Undergraduate days, where environmental engineering, was my sub-major. As a summer intern at BGR Energy, I learnt a great deal about the need for constant innovation and marketing, in the field of Sustainability and Environmental Engineering. I thus understood at quite an early stage, the need to marry my knowledge in sciences with my interest in management.

My work experience with product development then further created an inclination in me to pursue a career in the social sector.Although I was an assistant system engineer in an IT firm, I began spending my weekends on a work from home internship, with Digital India – school, an organization that makes e-Learning accessible to rural India. Here, my role as a Marketing Research Analyst allowed me to interact with and persuade various professors from STEM course institutes and teachers top Central Board of secondary education schools, to teach pro-Bono for primary and elementary schools in rural background of states Tamil Nadu and Kerala, India, by means of technology. Witnessing this collaborative effort produce such a momentary result drove me further towards my passion: Marketing, especially in field of ethical consumerism. This exposure helped me realize, the impact that this could have on the society.I intend to continue to this growth, by being a part of Smeal’s student organization, an extremely dynamic international student body, which would allow me to learn amongst student leaders from all over the world and understand cultural similarities and differences.

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Moreover, Smeal will also give me the opportunity to continue my commitment to educational awareness in the society. Here, I can also actively utilize the connections that I make during my MBA to study how investments dedicated to encouraging startups functioning for a better world could help mankind. also aid to my long-term goal.

 At Tata Consultancy Services, as a Product Analyst in Product Development and Marketing, I have the opportunity to work in Banking and Financing Services domain with clients from eight Asia Pacific Countries and the USA: from CITI Group and CoreLogic USA. I thus have had first-hand experience with how teams and individuals are pushed to achieve goals through high customer satisfaction. My commitment to the environment and education empowerment however, now enkindles in me the desire to take this analytical experience to sustainability management. This is thus makes me a suitable fit for Smeal’s focus on sustainability in business, which would help achieve my short term goals which is to make the transition to market and strategy analysis. In order to become a successful marketing consultant, I would need the fundamental insight to business foundations such as finance, operations, accounting and strategizing, within an educational context that emphasises the importance of global business.

An MBA from Smeal College of Business, will hence smoothen this transition, and also facilitate an opportunity for me, to work with the likes of “Procter & Gamble Company” and “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation”. This will further pave way to my long-term goal, which is to establish a marketing and communications firm, that will primarily serve to strategize and market environmental, energy sustainable goods and services. With the desire to serve the society, I wish for my firm to also extend its focus on education, social enterprises, non-profits and good causes that accelerate growth and impact. I intend to achieve this goal with the knowledge and skills that I wish to harness during my collaborations with leading marketers at Smeal, post my MBA.


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