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My opinion changed from assignment 1 as I just realized that we still live in a world where there’s a huge gap on inequality and that’s the cause of all problems which remains high partly because of poverty; lack of jobs and lack of public service delivery. Inequality in South Africa is so high due to high wage inequalities within the workplace as well as the wide gap between those who are employed and those who are unemployed. Even our government only provides social grants for children from poor household, the elderly and the disabled and no provision is made for the unemployed and this causes some individuals to think that they are better off than most people. They go back and blame society that poor people are the cause of poverty while they take everything left for them.

I think instead of an individual getting such earnings, it is best to share the motivation and skills to other people so they can also find work. There are many people living in poverty mainly because of unemployment so rather create employment with such earning and you will help fight poverty. Unfortunately there are no quick and easy solutions to inequality problem however without substantive improvements in the human capital of the poor, income inequality will remain unacceptably wide

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