My first success strategy that I will use

My Personal Philosophy of Success My definition of success is to achieve my goal that I have set for myself. My main goal is to become an interpreter.

To become an interpreter, I will need to accept personal responsibility, use self-management skills, and be self-motivated. The first success strategy that I will use is accepting personal responsibility. I agree with the quote by Oprah Winfrey in our text, “I do think that the greatest lesson of life is that you are responsible for your own life.

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” (Downing 47). I will accept my personal responsibility for many choices that I make. There are many important things that I need to prepare for in my life.

I need to focus on my schoolwork. If I do not take care of school works, I will not move closer to my goals. I need to work on my projects in school and concentrate on my assignments before I have fun. I do not have to worry about having less free time because that is not a big deal for me. The most important is to study and make my life better. Then I will get a good experience to move on for the next step. If I have to take a test or take an examination, I have to make a study schedule early and try to study every day.

In order to be successful in college, I will try my best, organized my works, and use my time correctly. I will balance my schoolwork with the activities I do outside of school. In addition, I will release my victim mindset and become a creative person. It is important to have a creative mindset because I can go forward and being able to fulfill my goal. I will do it my own way and find a good solution.

I will try my best in any situation to achieve my dream. I believe that it is good to take ownership of my goals and dream. This will helps me to achieve my academic goals and be successful. “Creators do more than dream. They have developed the skill of translating their desired outcomes into purposeful actions.” (Downing 103). The second success strategy I will use is self-management. I believe that managing time is important for everybody.

It is useful if we know to management our times. For example, I took three classes this semester. When I have to do my homework, I was so confused about which subject I should work on first. Some homework was hard for me and it took me too long to finish it. Sometimes I missed some of my homework because I ate dinner and played on my phone too long. Then I did not have time to do my homework, and I lost some points for that. Sometimes I felt like I did not have enough time to do my homework and time passed by fast.

That was because I did not plan my time and I did not know how to use my time either. Learning about self-management taught me to organize the actions that I do on a daily basis. When I know how to manage my time, I reduce my stress and I do not forget any task that I have to do.

I believe that planning time helps me get everything done, and I have more time to do other activities. The third success strategy I will use is self-motivation. Setting goals for myself is a big decision in my life. My dream is to become an interpreter. “Perhaps even more than goals do, dreams fuel our inner fire. They give our lives purpose and guide our choices.

They provide motivating energy when we run headlong into an obstacle.” (Downing 84). For example, when I was in a refugee camp in Thailand, I was interested in learning and I went to school every day.

I tried hard at my lessons. I went to ESL class in the summer time and I studied more English. I tried hard, but it did not really work because there was no body to speak English with. I learned, but then I forgot some of the words. Sometimes it was not easy to study because it cost money.

I did not get any money from anywhere, so it was hard for me to learn outside of school in the summer. My family wanted to help me but it was not easy for them either. I realized that living in refugee camp was not going to help me to fulfill my dreams. I saw some of my friends come to the United States. They had enough of everything. They had food and clothing.

They were able to be educated and had money to use. I was so upset about my life and then I decided to apply to come to the US. After a year, I came to the US. I was so happy because I had an opportunity to study again. Now I am finally in college.

I have promised myself that I will be a person who my family can be proud of. I will try hard to become an interpreter one day. I really mean it. I came to the United States by myself.

I have to learn more about the US. I have to take responsibility for my decisions and myself. To reach my goal I have to make a plan and manage my time. In order to be successful, I will have to try hard and stay motivated.


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