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My proposed research topic and a statement is: In the Elderly Population How does the Brown Bag Method compare to the Medication Assessment Reduce the Prevalence of Polypharmacy and Hospitalizations within 6 months of implementationP: In the Elderly populationI: Does the brown Bag MethodC: compare to the Medication AssessmentO: Reduce the prevalence of Polypharmacy and HospitalizationT: Within 6 months of implementationWhile it is true that the nurse plays a major role in educating older adults about the drugs they take and in addition to supervision, it is the doctor’s responsibility to make a good anamnesis before prescribing a medication and improve communication with their peers to avoid duplicity of drugs and continuously work as a multidisciplinary team. Among the great strategies is the use of the brown bag method which facilitates the reconciliation of medications and promotes better control of medications ingested by older patients. Additionally, is important the collaboration that governments and pharmaceutical agencies must provide to produce appropriate protocols and incentivized schemes to facilitate an effective, affordable and safe pharmacological therapy for the growing aging world population. (Lavan, Gallagher, ; O’Mahony, 2016).Our country is not exempt from this problem, as the years go by our population acquires a greater culture and in this way acquires knowledge about the consumption of many medicines, we have identified that our elderly nowadays consume a series of medicines that are have identified with the passing of the years cause damage, although our population is identified in our days as a sick population, in many cases drugs are not prescribed by the doctor motivated to the above, reason why I decided to carry out this investigation with the general objective of achieving a decrease in the use of polypharmacy in the elderly and specifically to study variables such as age, sex, analyze the relationship between drug consumption by age groups, perform an intervention that allows us to decrease polypharmacy in our adults and finally identify a series of actions to comply with to avoid the consumption of medicines.


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