n ten percent and robberies were up eleven

n sector Adam, the quality of life offense is the smell of urine, drinking in public, brawls on the street, and prostitution. After doing a quick analysis and noticed that felony assaults were up ten percent and robberies were up eleven percent we need to take action. As a precinct, I will keep computer records on who receives summonses and whether they appear in court.

To address the quality of life issues we will have to call upon the narcotics, the vice team, and emergency services to follow up and investigate on these offenders. To improve the quality of life in Main Street, the Police Department will rebuild procedures for supplying Criminal Court summonses with the goal of reducing the number of dodgers. Under the current system, only about half the people given calls show up in court. Lawbreakers who do not carry a government-issued identification card with a picture, such as a driver’s license, will be taken to a police station to be examined, photographed, fingerprinted and possibly held for arraignment.How Are You Going To Address The Crimes?To address the crimes in Main Street, I will take reports and do a preliminary investigation.

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If the offense is not narcotics but is a felony, I will have the detectives get involved in helping prepare the case for presentation to the borough DA’s office and ready for court. Many times those arrests lead to detectives finding out information or clearing other similar crimes. The assault investigation


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