Name: to day activity. There are many three

Name: Sakariya AhmedTutor: Brian PayneBusiness BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Unit 4 P1. For your chosen organisation investigate and explain the different types of information that are being used, where this information come from and explain its purpose.Introduction The organisation I have chosen for this is John Lewis. I will explain the different types of information that John Lewis uses to help improve its company and help it function with the day to day actives of the company. John Lewis, being a retail store, needs information to keep the company running.

The way they pass information is very important to how the business handles its day to day activity. There are many three different types of ways that information could be passed, there is verbal information, Written information and on screen information. How john Lewis uses verbal informationPassing information face to face is the best way to pass information, this is verbal communication. Verbal communication allows less room for misunderstanding, if the other person does not understand the information being passed, the one giving the information could clear up the misunderstanding. John Lewis being a retail store, verbal communication would be the main way the outlet stores pass information, it could also help employees when costumers need help with something, they would pass the information by verbal speaking with the costumers. This would also be used when John Lewis has meeting, for example they could be having a meeting about a new advert, they would talk about their ideas. How John Lewis uses on screen information If they are providing information for a large audience, on screen information would be best.

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On screen information is information that is produced on a screen, this would also include multimedia TV. The term “multimedia” means multiple forms of media integrated together, this would include the TV news. On screen information could include text, graphics, animation, audio and video. John Lewis would also use on screen information, once again I’m going use the example of an advert, the company could have an on screen display explaining their ideas for the advert.How John Lewis uses written information Written information would be any type of information that is written down, this could be in a form of newspaper, books, etc. Companies like John Lewis could have customers writing either saying if they had a problem with the company or in ways to change the company to improve the customer services.

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