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In this new era , there are a lot of news and crisis regarding the unwanted pregnancy among underage children. According to The Star ( 2018) statistic shows that around 1,000 underaged children in Malaysia get pregnant every year . It also add up until 18,000 underaged children who gets pregnant average per year . The term underage children refers to those who age between 18 and below and can be called as minor. Pregnancy among underage children can be crucial for them as they were unable to support the baby mentally and financially. There are many causes of this problem which are like social media, couples and pedophile.

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The first causes is social media . Nowadays , in this era social media is common for them as they are quite heavy user of social media such twitter, instgram and also wechat. In social media they are exposed to negative threads such as sexual predator who are looking for a victim. For example, in a Wechat social media platform ( 2018) it is an apps to communicate with others people. It has a “look around” system which allows the user to search the nearby user to chat with. According to New Straits Times , Wechat is a medium used by sexual predators targeting the minor. These sexual predators will contact the minor and continued lure them by meeting them and later resulted into an unwanted pregnancy. There are 138 cases reported by The Malaysian Police Department regarding the uses of wechat on committing a crime.( / 2018)

Besides that, this young age children tend to have boyfriend or girlfriend . They are sometimes not just being in a normal relationship but they tend to follow the adults behaviour. Their boyfriend or girlfriend might pursued each other into making a sexual intercourse. It is serious issue for them as they are still young and their bodies is still not fit to conduct any sexual intercourse alongside with the lacks of sex education. They might does not use any types of sexual protection such as condom and contraception pills which can cause the girls get pregnant. This problem will resulted the young pregnant girl to suffers from mentally and financially issues as they are still under their parent’s responsibility.
Then, there are always an issue about pedophile. Pedophile is not always a child molester but pedophile itself is formally to diagnosed as a psychiatric disorder. ( 2018) Pedophile is interested in doing a sexual intercourse mainly in underaged children. They will groom these victims since they were young. For example a pedophile would gives them food, gift and expensive things and later will expect the returns into making a sexual intercourse. These victims were unable to fight agains them because they sometimes were threatens to get hurt. This cycle will continue to remain until the victims get pregnant in the young age.

In the nutshell, this causes is a serious issue in Malaysia. Parents and Government have to play an important role to protect the young aged children from getting pregnant. For example the government need to imposed a new law against sexual offenders as the unwanted pregnancy in minor is harmful for them as they should be enjoying their childhood life which fits their age. Lastly, we need to be together to combat this serious issues as in each year the numbers of minors getting pregnant is increasing day by day and if it not us who stop it, then who would be?
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