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Name: Alya Alshamsi ID: U181101257University: university of Sharjah Section: 54Course name: English for academic purposes “Gap year “Time off has been quite popular option among young people; it is a break after high school. Therefore some students use this time in many activities, such as travelling around the world, volunteering or starting a new job. The idea behind these activities is to discover something new and to obtain an experience.

Moreover, a year off benefits are plentiful, for instance, travelling alone will develop their self-confidence and independence. On a cultural level, students learn about different traditions and perspectives, they gain an idea about the work environment and how to think as an employee this will help them to find their future career. Intellectually students examine their own beliefs in this new environment. Indeed, taking a year off advantages combine to make a strong case to take a gap. Nonetheless, in conjunction with the dangers involved in taking a gap year, therefore the main drawback is that students may get sidetracked from their studies and may lose the sense of discipline they had before. In addition to, if students started working they could be deluded thinking that they will make enough money; therefore they will lose the chance to earn a higher income.

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In my point of view taking a gap year has many advantages as well as disadvantages and it really depends on the student and the environment surrounding him. Accordingly some students gain many benefits from taking a year break and will improve their progress, meanwhile for others it may slow them down and they may forget their academic work. Hence it may vary for different students In conclusion, taking a gap year should be planed for; students must consider their motivations carefully and determine what is most desirable. In addition to, they must consider that time is a valuable resource and treat it with respect. (300)”Men and women equality”Men and women should be accepted equally in every subject at universities. In fact, gender issues importance has increased throughout the centuries, in almost every sphere of human activity. Moreover, there has been a movement towards greater equality between them and universities should open their doors to all students alike. However, number of men and women require not to be set on a fixed limit of the acceptance in each subject.

Therefore, the views are psychological and personal.Psychologically, men and women are different, although they have the same potential for greatness, for instance, women tend to be more intuitive and caring, thus they may feel dragged, consequently on the basis of their personalities and professions. In such a context, universities should choose the best candidates, without considering the gender.

Furthermore, students need to discover their inner call, which is an individual matter and not affected by reserving seats for men or women. For example, if a great number of women avoid some subjects, it may be affected by their nurture, which has formed them. Moreover, universities cannot reverse this trend, and they have to consistently look for the best-qualified possible applicant. In my point of view, equality cannot be forced on people, not in their family life nor their educational. Therefore universities should choose the people that prove themselves capable of qualification, regardless of their gender. Moreover, I expect that universities need to respect the independent and logical choices being wielded by the students.In conclusion, universities should always look for the most qualified candidates and not consider whether it was a men or women but look into the most qualified of them, furthermore they must always consider and respect the students choices and help them discover their true call.

(291)”Computers”At the moment, in modern world computers is a fundamental part of the daily life. Around the globe, children are used to computers from a very young age, although it is imperative for children to participate in various well-balanced activities. As a matter of fact, children that use computer daily are improving a vital skill for aftertime success. My view bases are personal, academic, and professional. From my point of view, computers are helpful resource to youths in exploring the world around them; children that work on the Internet to satisfy curiosity about diverse topics become self-reliant learners. Furthermore, by starting a bit previous in their lives, children feel totally comfortable around computers.From an academic point of view, children have to adept this technological invention.

To illustrate, universities students use their laptops to take notes, exchange information, write assignments, create presentation, and developed database. Equivalently, children habit an early confidence in these abilities, is at a recognizable advantage over those who don’t. Furthermore, from a professional aspect, computer has found a long-lasting place in the workplace. Presently, employers pay to afford computer training. Moreover, after time corporations count on considered job applicants to these demanding job skills. Therefore, parents that inspire their children to use the computer for an acceptable period of time, establish in the child’s future career.

From my viewpoint, using computers from a young age will benefit the children, as it helps students in different perspectives. Moreover, it is an essential part in everyday life, learning how to use it will make every thing easier to children.In conclusion, there is no doubt that the computers, as a technological tool will stay, the more and sooner children become computer-literate, the better it is for my aspects of their future life. (294) “Sport profession and the society”Sport experts can gain extra money than other people in more important professions; apparently some people support it while others think it is unfair. Additionally, sports turn up to be a multimillion-dollar trade.Globally, people throng to sporting events or watch their favorite teams every week on television. As a result, experienced sports athletes receive large salaries. There is argues whether such unreasonably high salaries are appropriate.

Despite that, sport is viewed as a professional job, in which top players should fairly receive high salaries. Moreover, athletes train rigorously to become peak preforms in their field, usually they face tremendous presser in every match, furthermore their personal lives are compromised and they lose all privacy. At the same time, their strong performances bring respect and attention. However, different professions provide in making our world run without a hitch. Doctors spend at the minimum ten-year of heavy study to save lives. Moreover, teachers literate and motivate young people to be trustworthy citizens. Furthermore, social workers asset singles that lead to physical and mental protected society.

Nonetheless, professionals in this areas battle to get by, in spite of their significant and vital grant to the world.From my personal perspective, to pay gigantic salaries to sports athletes is unneeded, I indicate that we need to rethink and concentrate more on social arrangements and eradicate the great dissimilarity in income accepted by different professionals. Obviously by doing this, we can form societies where people experience respect, recognition and properly rewarded for their own profession or area of experience In conclusion, we must focus more on building societies and investing in them, not paying large salaries to sports people, as it well benefit the societies and the people in it. (286)”The modern world and the image”Presently, the image is a decent strong way of communication than the written word.

With the growth of technology, visual expression like television, photos and films are gradually becoming popular as strong means of language as compared with the simple advanced printed medium.The enlarging priority take use of resources over written communication, is an unquestionable certainty and the developing usage of video based learning in most recent schools over text book based knowledge shift is the best illustration. Meanwhile in the present evidence- seeking world, visual communications provides recognizable facts. Particular crafted images, like cartoons and documentaries, reading only give the interested messages to the viewers and lean to be effective in delivering ideas to the busy and uneducated segments of the society.

Television is also assailed with countless tricky advertisements, by doing this manufacturers try to communicate with the mob in regard to their products.On the other hand, the request of the printed media as a method of mass communication, is fading as younger generation think it is to comparatively out of date. Furthermore, in the faced paced modern city life, not to many people can afford to dedicate time for reading. Instead, some follow daily-television news.In spite of this decreased appeal for mass communication, the value of writing form still stands the field of interpersonal and formed communication.

From my point of view, visual communication has absolutely become a popular and influential tool for mass communication. Moreover, written form has equivalent value from the official, developed and inters personal aim.In conclusion, for mass communication visual and written form are equal in importance, and because of the technology visual communication tend to be more powerful tool, but in other hand we can say that written form is powerful in different majors. (296)

Name: number of government has gather to address

Name: Nur Qurratu’Aini Binte Raff’ehStudent Number: S3745202Tutorial Time: 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm | FridayTutor’s Name: Low Lee Hock AndrewContent- Introduction- Causes of Greenhouse Gas Emission- Actions taken- Welfare Implications- Conclusion – Reference Introduction Greenhouse effect is a warming of the earth’s surface and lower atmosphere caused by substance such as carbon dioxide and water vapour which let the sun’s energy through to the ground but impede the passage of energy from the earth back into space. However human activities have increased the concentration of the gases that has caused global warming.

Global warming has rapidly increase in temperatures that are caused by greenhouse gases trapping extra heat in the atmosphere, which may produce a number of environmental consequences such as extreme weather and rising sea level.Many governments has realised the issue regarding climate change and wants to implement measure to slow down the process. Hence in 1997, a number of government has gather to address the issue on climate change by endorsing Kyoto protocol. Under that protocol, countries has to meet the target set by national measures. Governments also has signed Paris Agreement within United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in dealing with greenhouse gas emissions. They aim is to keep the increase global average temperature to 2 degrees and limit it to 1.5 degrees.For some private companies uses the issue of climate change as a potential for them to introduce an alternative ways to retrieve energy.

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The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, has a subsidiary company called SolarCity Corporation where they provides power systems such as financing and installing of solar power systems. Tesla also known for specializes in electric vehicles. They also invented Powerwall home battery that designed to be paired with rooftop solar systems where they could store excess energy produced from our solar generator so that the energy will be able to use at a later time.Causes of Greenhouse Gas Emission Figure 1: Total U.S Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Economic Sector in 2016DeforestationPlants and trees intake carbon dioxide and release oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. However due to burning down and cutting down the rainforest, the amount of carbon dioxide are rising.

The purpose of deforestation is to make more land available for housing or urbanization, and to create ingredients that are highly priced consumer items such as oil.Agriculture Agriculture is cultivating soil, growing crops and raising livestock. Which includes preparation of plant and animal product for human to use and distribution to markets.

Nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide emissions are from agricultural soils.Burning of Fossil Fuels (Electricity ; Industry)Carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide are makes up of greenhouse gas emissions. These gases are released during the combustion of fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas to produce electricity.

Electricity sector involves generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. Transportation Transportation includes the movement of people and goods by cars, trucks, airplanes and other vehicles. Majority of greenhouse gas emissions came from transportation are carbon dioxide resulting from combustion of petroleum-based products like gasoline.

Action taken Renewable EnergyRenewable energy is produced using natural resources that are constantly replaced and never run out. There are different types of renewable energy technologies such as Wind Power, Hydroelectric energy, Solar Panel and many more. Natural resources such as wind, waves, heat and light of the sun would be the source of fuel to the technologies. Renewable energy facilities require less maintenance than traditional generators. Importantly, Renewables energy produce less or no harmful products such as carbon dioxide or any other chemical pollutants, so it has minimal impact on the environment.Carbon taxCarbon tax is a fee imposed on the burning carbon-based fuels such as coal, oil and gas.

Carbon tax is a policy for reducing and eliminating the use of fossil fuels. It is also a way where the user of carbon fuels pay for the climate damage caused by releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. A number of countries have already implemented carbon taxes or energy taxes that are related to carbon content.

Recently Singapore has announced that they will be implementing carbon tax starting from 2019 onwards.Paris Agreement On December 2015, Paris Agreement was signed with aim to strengthen the treat of climate change by keeping global temperature rise below 2 degrees and pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase even further to 1.5 degrees. Government from 195 countries has agree to come together every 5 years to assess collective progress towards achieving the purpose of the Agreement and inform further individual actions.

Electrification of TransportationBy inventing Solar vehicles, it would help to reduce greenhouse gasses than normal cars. As it uses electric energy instead of fuels. The advantages of transitioning vehicles on electricity, it is much more efficient than the vehicles on petroleum.

According to Luke Tonachel, they are aiming 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emission form 1990 levels by 2050. Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) confirms that transportations uses electricity instead of petroleum will positively cut down the emissions of greenhouse gases that threaten the environment and health.Welfare ImplicationsGreenhouse emissions issue are serious and one of most concern problem in the world. As they are responsible for depleting the ozone layer as they attack and destroy ozone molecules, which results higher Ultraviolet rays (UV) level reaching on earth. Depletion of ozone layer allows entering of Ultraviolet rays from sun into the earth’s atmosphere which is associated with number of health related and environmental issues.

Such as eye damage, skin cancer and also ultraviolet rays affect other life forms too. It affects different species of amphibians and one of the prime reason for declining numbers of amphibian species as it affects them in every stage of their life cycle.Natural disaster and extreme weather such as wildfires, flooding and drought can be one of the side-effects of increase in global temperature and had affects ecosystems negatively. General risk of negative externalities in society has tip against the benefits. In the graph below, show the effect of negative externality of greenhouse emissions on production.

Next we will be looking at the negative in consumption. Vehicles used by human for their daily transportation can be one of the example of greenhouse emissions. Vehicles use as daily transportation may cause negative externality of greenhouse gas emissions, which may lead to as one of the issue of climate change.

Externalities cost of greenhouse will be added in demand curve which cause social value of vehicles to decrease. ConclusionIn conclusion, negative effect of the greenhouse emissions has greater impact on climate. Governments has to implement measures that would help to reduce the effects on climate change and improve on welfare and economic development in the country. With organization and businesses reduce the production of carbon footprints, it lead the economy to slow down. Therefore governments has to gather and discuss on how to reduce the effects of greenhouse emission by measurements. At the same time, they have to ensure that the measurements will not affect their country economics.

Reference US EPA. (2017), Sources of Greenhouse Gas Emissions | US EPA. online Available at: https://www.epa.

gov/ghgemissions/sources-greenhouse-gas-emissions Accessed on 18 Aug (2018), Singapore Budget 2018: Carbo tax of $5 per tonne of greenhouse gas emissions to be levied. online Available at: https://www.straitstimes.

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