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Name: Ravinder Singh                                                                                    Program: introduction to Seneca studies (ISC100)                                                             1. List and briefly explain three reasons why you are attending college.

Please show a range of reasons.  Three reasons why I’m attending college are as follow:1: to gain knowledge- I want to gain knowledge in order to grow up my business. 2: figuring out who am I : I don’t know that I had any intimation my identity when I started school. I didn’t comprehend what course I needed to go in life, or what my genuine interests were. It took me leaving my family, my companions, the place where I grew up, and their persuasions to start to make sense of myself. It gave me a beginning stage as I progressed from all that I had once known.3: getting involved in something : I have interest in politics I can take a part in  student government elections also I can have experience of this field even if I’m a vice president of college.  2.

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List and briefly explain three motivators either mentors or goals that you have in your life that help you stay focused on school. Answer2: 1: Getting support from your family and friends: Some of the time the best helper is getting positive help from friends and family.  I usually Call or content them and disclose to them how i need to get inspired to chip away at your schoolwork, however require a zip talk or positive criticism from them. I am certain they would gladly do as such on the off chance that it will really get you headed to do your work.

2: I put inspirational quotes and notes around me: Having constant motivational quotes visible around the areas you walk by every day will help put a smile on your face, as well as get you in the mood to do well in your classes.3: just staying positive: I always try to have a good attitude when it comes to college because it usually works because there are many times very hectic schedule and very much burden on me but I always keep a good feeling in me. 3. We did a Seneca Study Skills inventory earlier in the semester. List two areas that show your strengths and two areas that need improvement. Explain one way to improve each of these areas. Answer3: Two areas that show my strengths are: 1: I always follow my timetable because of that I always have good time management 2:  I deeply understand my class notes and I know what’s important what’s not.

2 areas that need improvement are: My reading speedWorrying so much how well will I do in the test1 way to improve them are: 1: by keeping positive vibes around me. I usually do that by keeping inspirational notes and quotes in my room .I can improve my reading speed by doing practice reading long passages and then recording my timings to have a check how I’m improving.

4 What is your GPA calculation in this course (ISC 100)?  Is this above or below your other courses? What overall GPA do you hope to achieve this semester? Answer4: my gpa calculation in this course is 2.2 till now gpa its lower than other subject because I have really good gpa in business course and in intercultural behavior also in computer applications till now . I’m hoping to achieve an overall GPA of 3.

2 in this semester.5. List your courses this semester and the remaining assignments and tests/exams including due dates?Answer5: list of courses:  1: intercultural behavior and communication: final assignment (Jan 2nd)2: introduction to business administration: interview and volunteer assignment (dec 22nd),final exam (Jan 5)3: computer applications: final exam (not yet confirmed)4: mathematics of finance: final exam (Jan 4th)5: intro to Seneca studies: final learning plan assignment. (dec15) 6: English (Eac-150): dropped. 6. Pick your hardest assignment this semester; one not yet completed and due after this assignment (December 15).  Explain the assignment. Using the Library/Learning Centre “Assignment” calculator, outline at least 6 steps necessary to complete this assignment.

Explain your answer in your own words. 6 Of all your courses this semester select the course that concerns you the most. This could be your hardest course, or the course with the most grades left to report. What additional strategies might you consider to achieve success in this course? Answer6: the hardest assignment this year is inb220 Semester country project.6 neccassry steps I have to improve the situation this assingment are :  Cover page joins assignment title, instructor’s name, course and territory, understudy’s first and last name, understudy number, and date.  Written in report plan with complete sentences, show the country of research and what I have found through your examination  Recognize and discuss no under 5 posted sub-subjects for your point that are relevant to the country and the Canadian business voyager to that country  Sub-subjects discussed give present and correct information  Conclusion: Based on my examination what may the most troublesome point of view be for a Canadian cooperating in that country.  Report uses extraordinary research from strong sources to help content  MLA style, change design and structure took after ,Rectify spelling/proper phonetic utilize.

 The hardest course is prologue to bussiness organization, there are no addintional methodologies that I can take a shot at its equitable I need to buckle down on it. 7. Did/will you make any changes to your course schedule this semester? Remember that all semester decisions must be made by DNC day- December 8th.Answer7: Yes I had made a decision to drop Eac-150 ie- English course because our class has not been attended for like 9 weeks why so because of 5 week strike and colleges opened on Tuesday but our class was on Monday so we had 6 week of strike for this particular course also because it was on Monday we had a lot of thanksgiving Monday, long-weekend due to that my 4 weeks also get missed and now when I attended class after the strike no relief was given In this course and I didn’t understand anything also because the class was hybrid so there was only 1 class other was online so I thought this better to drop it.8. List the courses you are going to take in Winter 2018. List of the courses that I’m going to take in winter 2018 are: 1: accounting.

ACC 106-NHH (8712) 2: masculinities. CUL352-SYB (4014)3: introduction to marketing. MRK108-NKK (5635)4: college English.

EAC 150-NBT(4165)5: global economic issues. SOC 135-SYA (7199)6: organizational behavior. OBR 250-NMT (9395)7: Int’l. effective selling.

SIB 470-NXX (6562) 9. Are you hoping to participate in Work Integrated Learning (co-op), take an advanced diploma, apply for a degree or achieve an industry certification? Explain why or why not?ANSWER9: no I’m doing this diploma because I don’t have any interest in this kind of diploma also I have 7 courses this winter so hope not to get any of the other courses .Also I cant afford another course fee because of English I’m already out of budget so no chances.

10. When do you expect to complete your diploma program? List 2 ways that these plans could be sabotaged (put on hold) and how you will respond.Answer10: I expect to complete my course in 2019 1 Jan, because that’s the program duration also 2 ways In which these can be sabotaged are:1: I’m not taking my summer break so it will be a continuous course.

2: I’m going to do hard work in every semester so that I pass every course with good marks. 11. There are many skills you will take from ISC 100, but time management is probably the most transferrable.

Reflect on your results from 168 hours. What is your total number of academic hours? What is your total number of flex hours? List 4 self-imposed time wasters that impact your time? What changes will you do to change at least 2 of these time wasters? List 4 system imposed time wasters that impact your time? What changes will you do to change at least 2 of these time wasters? Answer11: 1: total number of academic hours- 38 hours2: total number of flex hours- 20 hours3: 4 self – imposed time wasters are: 1: viewing television reveals to you don’t generally consideration regarding. 2: checking email again and again for the day. 3: surfing those web or cruising visit rooms with no reason for existing in mind. 4: wandering around stores, just searching for bargains. Progressions that i WILL DO: 1: though i lose track of the planet same time web-surfing, situated a clock should try off over 15 alternately 20 minutes. I’ll aggravate myself get dependent upon Also turn off those PC At it dings.  2: I’ll make 5 minutes will kind through approaching papers consistently.

Set “to-do” papers under An tickler/action file, Furthermore put aside the long run When An week to document and handle to-do’s. I’ll set up a spot to papers right now working on, and take 5 minutes will reasonable my work area preceding you take off every day.  4 framework forced occasion when wasters that effect my the long haul would :. • 1: again utilization of machines. 2: abuse for cell telephones.  3: over web chatting.  4: abuse for web surfing. Things i will do to decrease them are:.

1: Watch those clock. 2: get to the point. 3: dispense period.   12. Getting involved in extracurricular activates is important. Getting involved gives you experiences to develop soft skills. List and briefly explain 3 ways to get more involved at Seneca.

Indicate whether these activities would be a high/medium or low time commitment.Answer12: three extracurricular  activities in which I can involve at Seneca are: 1: Becoming a  Seneca student federation member.2: Becoming president of Seneca college.3: Taking a part in Seneca environment association.These activities are of high commitment because this will continue thought the whole course also will become an advantage as they will add on my final reports given by college and will help me getting a job.2: Having these kind of activities will help me to get involve more with new people and will also help me to understand the environment around me.3: These kind of activities can help to better interact with people , better solving techniques also will grow up the ability to think with a wide level of thinking.

4: Some activities will help me to  grow up my thinking and personality as a Politian’s.   13. List and explain a career and life goal for 5 years from now. Brainstorm 3 steps you believe you need to take now and the near future to achieve these goals? Answer13: 1; business man.

I want to open my small business of agriculture tools and feed in Alberta Canada . 3 steps I need to take from now onwards are: 1: work hard on my skills.2: Understanding my course deeply because as it is international business and its really wast about business it will help me to understand how to get a small thing into business and what are the rules around the globe.3: Developing connections with those people who have knowledge about this field also they can help me growing up my. Business in future as they can help me financially and I also can work under them to gain experience specifically  about agriculture.14.

List and explain a career and life goal for 20 years from now. Brainstorm 5 steps you believe you need to take now and in the farther future to achieve these goals? Answer 14: Career – Becoming a big business man in US (united states of America). Not becoming a millionaire becoming a billionaire that’s my life goal.2: Buying a new house for my family specially a whole townhouse for my mother.5 steps I need to take to achieve these goals are: 1: Work really hard to become a billionaire2: Doing my business good in Canada in order to get connections in America, I can do this by offering my business as franchise or a business opportunity. 3: By forming an alliance.4: I will merger with other business partners or business.

5: The main thing I will merge on internet by establishing my product online on websites like amazon or I can open my own website for growing my business globally.    


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