name in virginia city mining what did

name Mark Twain was born with
Samuel Clemens

where Samuel Clemens grew up

what did Clemens become at the age of 12
a steamboat captain

age Clemens become a steamboat captain

reason Clemens became a steamboat captain
his father died

what halted commercial traffic on the river
the civil war

what river did clemens work on
the mississippi river

where did clemens return to after he lost his job as steamboat captain
hannibal, missouri

what did clemens do when he return to hannibal
joined his friends in a volunteer confederate brigade

why did the volunteer confederate brigade that clemens participated in disband
union troops drew new

what did clemens follow to nevada
gold rush

who did clemens go with to nevada
his brother

what city in nevada did clemens and his brother go to
virginia city

what did clemens take up in virginia city

what did clemens do instead of his job in virginia city
told stories in saloons

how did clemens make money in virginia city
newspaper reporter

date the pen name Mark Twain was seen in print
April of 1863

other one names clemens used
the Crumbler, Josh, Rambler

“mark twain” signaled the river was how deep
12 feet, 2 fathoms

when was “Jim Smiley and his jumping frog” published

what story was published in 1865
jim smiley and his jumping frog

where did clemens leave for after he withdrew from a duel against an angry reader about one of clemen’s stories in the newspaper being mostly true
San Francisco, CA

what did twain write passionately about in CA
mistreatment of chinese immigrants

why did clemens write passionately about the mistreatment of chinese immigrants
they were being abused by the state and the police

where did twain plan a reprisal from the police to
sandwich islands

what is the sandwich islands known as

what did twain begin when he returned from the sandwich islands
platform lectures about his trips to the islands

when did twain take a trip on a transatlantic cruise

who did twain meet on his cruise
charles langdon

who did langdon show a picture of to twain on his cruise
his sister olivia

what did twain and olivia do for their first date
saw a reading of David Copperfield

what did twain and olivia see a reading of on their first date
david copperfield

who wrote david copperfield
charles dickons

who wrote twain a positive recommendation to olivia’s family
jerrus lincton

what did olivia call twain

why did olivia call twain youth
she saw something young and full of life in him

what was twain’s first best-selling book
the innocents abroad

what is the innocents abroad
a compilation from his journey on the quaker-city steamboat

what did twain find ridiculous in europe
hundreds of nails from the cross of christ

what did twain ask tour guides about mummies and inhabitants of tombs
“is he dead?”

what new publishing technique made the innocents abroad successful
subscription publishing

what is subscription publishing
when book agents puddle the books door-to-door

what did twain create with subscription publishing
a middle-class reading audience

what book did twain name and depict an american era filled with money and government corruption
the guilded era

what first thing did twain take pride in
the first private telephone

products advertised by twain with his name he learned he could market
sewing machines, cigars, medicine

who did twain persuade to write his memoirs to make money for his family
former president grant

how long before grant’s death because of throat cancer did twain finish his memoirs
4 days

when was the adventures of huckleberry finn published

what is the adventures of huckleberry finn a story about
2 outcasts who find freedom and adventure on the mississippi river

which daughter did twain feel a special bond with
his youngest, Suzzy

where did twain’s work and family life come together
Corry Farm

where is corry farm
in elmira, ny

what did the room twain used for writing mimic
the shape of a riverboat pilot’s room

how did twain pay off his debts
taking around the world lecture tours

which of twain’s daughter became ill when he wasn’t home

what did suzzy become ill with while twain was away

when did twain loose his wife

what did twain say about his wife when she died
whersoever she was, there was eden

where did twain receive and honorary degree from
oxford university

when did twain receive and honorary degree from oxford university

who also paid tribute to twain
the king and queen of england

how was twains loneliness relieved
friendships and his “angel fish”

who were the angel fish
a group of girls he called “the grandchildren ill never have”

when did twain die


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