Narrative this little turtle, Dory’ “The reef

Narrative”I still can’t believe that Rebecca sent us here,” groaned Madison”The company ‘Ace consulting’ has nothing to do with the environment and Rebecca doesn’t even like animals” says Matthew to his fiancé”I know, I guess that you expressed your hatred for the animals and the environment a little too much” replied MadisonIn the background of their airport conversation, an ad starts to playAD ‘How do you want your oceans to look like in the year 2050; it’s predicted that 90 percent of the reefs are going to be dead by this time; including this little turtle, Dory'”The reef looks like it is drowning in troubles,” asserted Madison in a concerned voice”I hate the reefs as much as a fat kid hates eating vegetables,” replied Matthew.”But the turtle danced around the reef; how can someone not think that is cute!” said MadisonWhen they arrive at the Florida Keys, they see a vast ocean and a person standing in the middle of the road waving a sign to get their attention about a reef cruise.He introduces himself as Elliott from the ‘Florida Reef Protection Society’.

“Are you ready for the experience of a lifetime out on the reef? “asks Elliott excitedly”What? We didn’t want this,” uttered Madison “I know but your boss said you need this more than humans need air” calls out Elliott as he walks towards the boatAs Elliott is striding onto the boat, he thinks about his friendship with Rebecca and their shared dire passion for the environment. He has the goal to impart his knowledge of the environment to Madison and Matthew to enrich their livesIn the background Elliott can hear Madison’s and Matthew’s feat clunking in time and he can smell Madison’s strong vanilla scented perfume which is now all over the boat As they glide over the reefs, Elliott gives a running commentary. “So, as you can see the reefs are in real danger of dying, but they aren’t the only ones in trouble, the cities in the keys will be underwater by the year 2050, if we continue to make the same mistakes. We at the ‘Florida Reefs Protection Society’ love the fact that people live in the upper Florida Keys and strive to protect the environment.

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On the other hand, every time we are struck by a hurricane, we have to rebuild the houses and this pollutes the water and the animals living in it. It’s a good thing that the Florida Keys has been promoting eco-tourism. This means that this type of tourism is designed to contribute to the protection of the environment” says Elliott”The reef looks fabulous; the coral looks like it is having the time of its life dancing around in the wind.” I was in awe of all the colourful species of fish. Looking out into the ocean gave me such a feeling of joy and sadness because I see the plastic, but I also see the amazing aquatic animals.” Coral reefs are truly the most diverse ecosystems.” expressed Madison”Our day on the reef has really inspired me to help support the reef by starting campaigns and sponsoring companies like the ‘Florida reefs protection society'” replied Madison”Why should we put our time into the stupid reefs, they weren’t that good anyway? “questioned Matthew”The reef is my purpose, the reef is my goal, my reef is my inspiration” says Madison.”Well, I don’t think the reef is worthwhile saving and neither should you” expressed Matthew”Why do I always have to believe everything that you believe” questioned Madison”Because I am the man and I say so, this world is made for male kind” screamed MatthewMadison stormed over to the nearest taxi and took herself back to the airport As soon as Madison returned back home, she went to Rebecca to talk about her experience at the reef “Boss, while we were in the Florida Keys we went on a journey to the reef; we were wondering whether the company could find a way to help the ‘Florida reef protection society’ to allow more support for the reefs,” asks Madison”I would be honoured to find a way to help” replied RebeccaA year later, Madison and Rebecca returned to the reef to look at how they had helped”It’s a shame that Matthew never learned to love the environment”, said Rebecca “Oh well, my new fiancé loves the reef!” replied Madison


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