Narrow profit. • In this view organisations

Narrow View• The primary purpose from an organisation’ perspective is maximising their profit.• In this view organisations believe that only government and not for profit organisations are responsible for caring about the environmental and social problems.• The ‘invisible hand’ argument, ‘let government do it’ argument and the ‘business can’t handle it’ argument favours narrow view of CSR.• Under the narrow view of csr private corporations should not be forced to take public responsibilities that primarily belongs to the government.Broad View• Broader View talks about that organisations have other responsibilities too apart from maximising profit as they can be seeing having great social as well as economic power in the society.• It can be also be called sometimes the social entity model or the stakeholder model. (Shaw, Barry, Issa, Catley & Muntean, 2016, p.

168).• Broader view of csr involves all parties having a stake in what a corporation does and doesn’t including employees, customers, and also the public.

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