Nataleigh an approach that assures the public’s

Nataleigh Kramp
Prof. Slevin
Eng 110
April 4, 2018
Prevention of Manipulation/Mobilization
“Thirty-one million Americans experience low-back pain at any given time.” A rising issue in the field of therapy is chiropractor’s attempt to pass legislation with an objective concerning the prevention of qualified physical therapists to perform Spinal Manipulation/Mobilization; a standard therapeutic method that applies movement in stationary tissues and joints. Spinal Manipulation/Mobilization uses massage to break down scar tissue and constraints that are commonly associated with strain or stress on the soft tissue such as an over-stretched muscle or strained ligament. This is an approach that has been included in the PT (physical therapy) scope of practice since its initiation. While Spinal Manipulation is not assigned to the authority of any one specific group of specialists, it is a component of many professional’s qualifications. Physical therapists, chiropractors, medical doctors, and osteopathic physicians are all properly educated and capable of operating this technique within the extent of their particular licenses and in an approach that assures the public’s safety, health and welfare. This improper effort to prohibit practitioners outside of the chiropractic field to execute spinal manipulation/mobilization would deplete patient choice, eliminate competition within the healthcare system, and be an injustice to the patients that are in need of assistance. This paper will examine the possible outcomes of the prevention of Manipulation/Mobilization, the separation between the chiropractic and physical therapy profession, as well as provide information and facts about physical therapists and spinal Manipulation/Mobilization. Why is it important for the APTA (American Physical Therapy Association) to take action in ensuring this legislation promoted by chiropractors is not enacted? In pursuance of a stable healthcare system, and the security of patients, the APTA must take the necessary steps to educate society of this manner, and guarantee that this act is not passed.

(Word count: 229)
APTA. “Manipulation/Mobilization.” American Physical Therapy Association, 14 July 2016,, Jason. “No You Don’t, Yes We Do: The Challenge From Chiropractors.” APTA, 12 Jan. 2011,

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