Natalie sixteen and now, exploring how I am

Natalie NowelsPsychology 1101June 28, 2018Chapter 9 From infancy to adulthood we go undergo multiple physical and psychological changes. Everyone has different experiences that helped mold them into the person they have become. There are physical and psychological milestones people go through that shape who they are. Most adults are quite different than they were at a younger age. I have experienced multiple physical and psychological changes in my lifetime that have changed me. However, in some ways I have remained relatively the same.

In the following essay, I will discuss myself at six, sixteen and now, exploring how I am still the same yet changed. The six-year-old blonde, hazel-eyed, chubby version of myself loved playing outside. She was was shy, carefree, and wanted to make Daddy proud. I was kind-hearted and willing to help anyone. I loved exploring new places. I did not enjoy meeting new people, so I stayed within my social circle. I hid behind my dad when faced with someone I didn’t know.

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I loved learning and was excited to go to school every day. As I got older, things began to change for me physically and psychologically. I grew taller and gained weight, yet my blonde hair and hazel eyes stayed the same. The sixteen-year-old version of myself was even more intrinsically motivated to do well in school. My passion for the outdoors grew tremendously.

I loved playing softball, hunting, fishing, and hanging out by the river with friends. I would often go exploring on my own. I always tried my best at everything regardless of what it was. This period was a difficult time for me psychologically because I became insecure about the way I looked, so I became even shyer.

I did not talk to people I didn’t know. I was envious of my few friends because I viewed them as thin and I wanted to be more like them. In my effort to be skinny, I became bulimic. This took a huge toll on my body and mind. My body changed for the worse and I fell into a deep depression. Fortunately, the friends I had so envied were there to pick me up.

Also, thanks to my family, I was able to get the medical help I needed. With the support of my friends and family, I began to see that I was beautiful just as I was. That was a rough time for me; however that period provided many valuable lessons for which I am grateful. I look at myself now and see many things that have stayed the same and several things that are different. I still have an intrinsic motivation not only in school but in every aspect of my life. The love I had for the outdoors is still strong to this day. I have the same kind heart and willingness to help people as I did at six years old. I am no longer shy.

I enjoy going out and meeting new people. I no longer battle bulimia although I do still struggle with my body image at times. As with everyone, there are things about myself that have stayed the same and those that have changed throughout the years.


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