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National Pizza Day is celebrated annually on February 9.But, at Timo’s Air Conditioning & Heating, our team believes that this deliciouslycheesy dish deserves much more than a one-day celebration. So, in honor ofAmerica’s favorite food (and one of our favorite holidays), our experts areencouraging homeowners to place an order for reliable comfort.


Doughn’tWorry Any LongerIs your unit more than 15 years old? Is it making unusualnoises? Do you need to frequently schedule air conditioning repairs in Cathedral City, CA LINK: or the surrounding communities? It’stime to feed your sense of worry by turning to a professional. And withFebruary’s more mild temperatures, now is a great time for homeowners to do so.Use this time to look ahead and consider upgrading an AC unit before the hotsummer temperatures strike our area. To get started, just think, for a moment, about preparing ahomemade pizza pie. From classic cheese, to tasty pepperoni, to out-of-the-boxHawaiian, there are so many different kinds to choose from depending on yourtaste.

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Similarly, choosing the best air conditioning unit for your homerequires careful consideration of your personal preferences, your home comfortneeds, and your family’s budget. Fortunately, with help from our experts atTimo’s Air Conditioning & Heat, we can serve up the perfect, just-for-youcooling solution. 

First,Trust the CrustThe dough: the base of any pizza pie and the ingredient that holds it alltogether. Maybe you want a New York-style crust. Or, perhaps you’re craving aNeapolitan-style. Ultimately, this decision sets the tone for the rest of yourculinary creation. Likewise, before choosing the best air conditioner for you,it’s important to select the right unit for your home based on budget, usageexpectations, home size and layout.

 At Timo’s Air Conditioning &Heating, our experts can help you select from the following:·     Centralair conditioners. A high-efficiency central air conditioning unit is oftenthe best option for homeowners who are looking for whole-home comfort. And tohelp ensure that you get the best unit for your unique home, our experts willguide you toward the right SEER rating.

·     Ductlessmini-split systems. Ideal for home remodels, non-ducted HVAC systems andzone comfort, ductless systems allow for a more customizable cool. Offering aquiet operation and eliminating the need for ductwork, these units are easy toinstall. 

SelectYour Signature SauceThe most classic pizza sauce is tomato. But, there are other types ofsauce, too! So, it’s important to consider your options—and the same holds truewhen it comes to selecting a comfort system. Our Timo’s Air Conditioning &Heating team helps to first choose the right system for your unique home, andthen helps you choose from a variety of brands and manufacturers.

 More specifically, we offer comfortsystems from the following:·     Trane·     Amana·     Goodman·     Bryant·     Carrier·     York·     Rheem·     …and more! 

Topit All OffYou’ve selected the perfect dough.You’re chosen the best sauce for you. And now, it’s time to top it all off witha few essential ingredients. At Timo’s Air Conditioning & Heating, ourexperts round-out every installation with the following toppings:·     A sprinkle of one-on-on attention·     A drizzle of cost-effective, accurate advice·     A dash of factory-trained and -certifiedtechnicians and installers·     A slice of respect and consideration for yourfamily’s well-being


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