Nature studied how to collect water during

Nature has a very good tool to maintain life on the Earth.

This power encourages people and gives them possibility successfully survive. Rain is one of the strongest tool has an influence on many things on the planet. First effect is a sustainable survival of wild nature. Without rain is impossible to imagine how plants, animals and humans can live.

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A plans can grow and be a source of fiddling for animals. Plants contain all of the nutritions and elements which required. Additionally, big plants and threes became excellent protected shelter for many species of animals.

For example, birds builds their nests on the top of the trees. Most important, a result of photosynthesis is oxygen which we use to breath. All those effects are possible only because of the water which comes along of a rain.

Secondly, how human use a water after the rain well known in history. Not in all parts of our planet have available rivers, lakes, or melted snow. Humans studied how to collect water during the rain and consume it for drinking during a long time after. Additionally, plants in fields require additional irrigation in case of drought, since harvest is fully dependant on regular water supply. In some cases , rain’s water are used in case of fire, which could easily destroy settlement.

Humanity has a quit big experience how to use rain in their purpose. Finally, rains are played important role in climate changes. There are many places have harsh climate and it has only one source of the water is rain. It creates condition for to survival for plants and animals. Moreover, different humidity and volume of water during the year make it possible to maintain different climate zone with various of animals species. Thus, some of the animals can live only in particular climate zone, for instance camels live only in dessert. Clearness of air is fluctuated due to many reasons, however rain can absorb some of the harmful chemical elements.

As illustration, it is fresh smell of air after the rain. In conclusion, rain is a very important mechanism to maintain wild nature, life of humans, and different climate zones on the Earth. Moreover, rain makes arid parts of planet available for living.


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