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Negative effects of television violence The media has radically changed in recent years: movies, television series and even the news are full of aggressive behaviour which can have a massive influence on people. Therefore I do agree that television violence has a negative effect but the effect that it has is not the same to all groups of people. I personally think that television violence influences children of a young age the most.

Television in general is not good for young children because at this age their character and personality is shaping. They are not yet able to filter the information that they get into what is important, what is reality and what is fiction. Therefore they may immitate what they see, which could result in them acting aggressively. They also become immune to the violence that they see as it is shown so frequently through different mediums and they may use it as a solution for any upcoming problems that they may have. These points may also apply to another group of people who are easily influenced.

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The next “weak group” are people who suffer from mental illnesses who are unable to differentiate the real world from their imagination. They might consider the violence that they are viewing on television as a normal thing, they act upon that and use violence to deal with their problems. Without a doubt, I dare to say that the people who are committing serious crimes, murders or have an abusive behaviour towards animals are not mentally healthy.To conclude, both young children and people who are mentally ill are part of our society which is why I believe that the content of the television should be selected properly so we can minimalise the impact of what can possibly happen if people happen to be in daily contact with violence.


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