Neoclassical and view it as voluntary. This

Neoclassical have a different view of unemployment and view it as voluntary.

This means that a person is not willing to work at the currently offered wage and thus prefer to remain unemployed with a hope of finding a better job with better pay. Or on the other hand, the employer refuses to employ such a person when his or her salary cannot be reduced because of the collective agreement. Neoclassical theory suggests that the creation of conditions should be brought out in order to eliminate unemployment by bringing the market to its equilibrium.

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Alternatively, utilitarianisms insist that the desire for happiness is a core of human nature who goes out searching for a job. When that happiness is not satisfied such a person may tend to feel demotivated thus affecting his psychological wellbeing. In the view of deontologist, we have a moral duty to work in whichever job even if it pays is low.


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