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Netw ork M in er P ack et a n aly zer C ONFERENCE ON TECHNOLOGIES FOR FUTURE CITIES ?? (??CTFC??) ??2019 P ROF . SMITA VISHNU MORE JIDNASA VIJAYKUMAR PILLAI , ROHINI BRIDGITTE STANLY , PRAJYOT PRASAD SALGAONKAR , ?? ?A NAMIKA SANAP Abstract: Inth isdig ita lworld ,crim esarein cre asin ga lo t.

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Als o ,wewil lperfo rma casestu dy inwhic hth emis sin gcaseofa gir lisso lv edusin gNetw ork M in er.TheNetw ork M in erwit hth ehelpofWir e sh ark willdete ctth eem ail,th eatta ch m en taswellasth elo catio nofth emis sin gpers o n.Wewillals odoitinre a ltim e pers p ectiv e. Keywords: NetworkMiner, Wireshark, packet analyzer, forensics Submitted on ??:31 October 2018 Revised on ??: Accepted on ??: *Corresponding Author ?? Email: [email protected] Phone:8828753911 I.I NTRODUCTION Thispap erin tr o ducesa kin dofpack etan aly zer nam edNetw ork M in eran ditswork in galo ngwith re al t im e e x am ple s. Netw ork M in erisan?openso urc eNetw ork Fore n sic A naly sis T ool.

Featu re sofNetw ork M in erin clu deNetw ork Fore n sic s,Netw orkSnif fin g,PC A PPars e r,Dig ita l Fore n sic s a n d P ack et S nif fe r. Exis tin gApplic atio n-Netw orkMin orisa to ol whic huse dtofe tc hth ecritic a lcre d en tia lsviath e mailmessa g es.Thiscanbeela b ora te dbyth egiv en case s tu dy. II.M ETHODOLOGY Fir s tNetw orkMin erto olistobein sta lle dfr o m th eIn te rn et.

?Extr a ctth edow nlo ad edfilean d ch an geth elo catio ni.e .cre a tea fo ld erin C/P ro gra mFile san dth en ,co pyallth efile sfro m th eex tr a cte dfo ld erin toth enewfo ld er.Now ,we wil ltr ytounders ta n dth ebasic sofNetw ork M in er usin ga pca pfile .Dow nlo adan ypcapfilefro mth e In te rn et.O penth eNetw ork M in erfr o mth e Netw ork M in er f o ld er p re se n t i n C /P ro gra m Fil e s. Openth edow nlo ad edpcapfileinNetw ork M in er fr o mFilean dth en ,c lic kopen .

Chooseth e dow nlo ad ed f ile . I t w ill t a k e s o m e t im e.Afte rlo ad in gPC A Pfile ,an aly zeth ehost se ctio n.W ecanse eth een tir elis tofhostswit hIp ad dre ssinasc en din gord er.A ls o ,w eca ngetth e in fo rm atio nineachIpad dre sssu chasMAC,NIC ven dor,Opera tin gSyste m ,TT L,OpenTC Pports , num berofse n tan dre ceiv edpac k ets ,in co m in gan d outg oin g s e ssio ns. Wehav evario usoptio ns.

?Weca nals oobta inMAC Addre ssinasc en din gord er,Hostn am e,th edeta ils ofse n tan dre ceiv edpack etsindesc en din gord er. Als o ,wecangetth edeta ilsofse n tan dre ce iv ed byte sindesc en din gord er.Weca nobta inth e num berofopenTC Pportsindesc e n din g ord er.A ls o ,w ecanach ie v eanim porta n tfe atu reof Netw orkMin erwhic hisOSfin gerp rin tin g.

W eca n get t h e r o ute r h opes d is ta n ce i n a sc en din g o rd er. Itca nperfo rmOSfin gerp rin tin gwhic hisan im porta n t f e atu re o f N etw ork M in er. II I.

E XPERIMENTATION Exam pleonex tr a ctio nofem ailev id en cewit h Wir esh ark a n d N etw ork m in er: E.g .Afte rbein gre le ase donbail,AnnDerc o ver dis a p pears !Fortu nate ly ,in vestig ato rswere ca re fu llymonito rin ghernetw orkac ti v itybefo re sh e s k ip ped t o w n. “W ebelie v eAnnmayhav eco m munic ate dwithher se cre tlo ver,Mr.X,befo resh ele ft,”sa y sth epolic e ch ie f.

“T hepac k etcap tu remayco nta inclu estoher where a b outs .” Youareth efo re n sicin vestig ato r.Yourmis sio nis tofig ureoutwhatAnnem aile d ,wheresh ewen t, an d r e co ver e v id en ce i n clu din g: Fir s tyounee dtolo adth eev id en ce .p capfilein to th e w ir e sh ark . Inord ertofin dAnn’sem ailad dre ss,younee dto ch eckth epro to co lta bwherelis tofpro to co lsare dis p la y ed .

Sin cewenee dtofin doutAnn’sem ail ad dre ss,SM TPpro to co lisuse d .Weneedtorig ht clic k o n t h e p ro to co l a n d f o llo w T C P s tr e am .We c an a ls o f in d t h e e m ail i d o f A nn’s s e cre t l o ver. We r e ad t h e l is t o f i te m s w hic h A nn a sk ed t o b rin g. Tofin dnam eofth eatta ch m en tAnnse n ttoher se cre tlo ver,weneedtosta rtth enetw orkmin eran d lo adth eev id en ce.p capfileinord ertoknowwhat file s h av e b een s h are d .

Onch eck in gth e?File sta b ,wecangetin fo rm atio n ab out w hat d ocu m en ts h av e b een m aile d b y A nn. We c an a ls o f in d M D5 a n d S H A.We c an f in d t h e l o catio n. IV .R ESULTS AND DISCUSSION Afte r e x plo rin g N etw ork M in er, w e a n aly zed a ll th e s e ctio ns p re se n t i n N etw ork M in er s u ch a s Hosts , F ile s, I m ag es, C re d en tia ls , Anom alie s,e tc .

A ls o ,w e p erfo rm ed a c ase s tu dy i n whic h w e w ere a b le t o g et t h e e n cry pte d e m ail i d an d p assw ord .W e g ot t h e m essa g e a s w ell a s t h e atta ch m en t p re se n t i n t h e e m ail.A ls o , w e w ere a b le to t r a ce t h e l o catio n o f t h e m is s in g g ir l. ?VI . FUTURE SCOPE Netw ork M in ercanbeuse dinco lle ctin gfo re n sic ev id en cesth ro ughnetw orkth ushelp in gtore d uce th ecrim era te s.Als oNetw ork M in erca nbeuse d fo rse cu rityorte stin gpurp o se swhereweca n ex am in ehowse cu rea partic u la rweb siteor ap plic atio ns i s .

?VII .APPLICATIONS 1.?Dig ita lFore n sic s- ?Weallareaw areab outth e cy bercrim esth atwere a dinth enew sp ap eralm ost daily .S o,h ere ,d ig ita lfo re n sic spla yanim porta n t ro le .A ste ch nolo gyisin cre asin gdaybyday ,c rim es re la te dtodig ita lare aareals oris in gupina fa st pac e.S o,t oco ntr o litan dvan is hth eth re ats ,dig it a l fo re n sic s w ill b e o f g re at u se i n t h e f u tu re .

2.D ataAnaly sis- ?Weareina worldth erearelo ts ofdataav aila b le .S o,w ecan notbelie v eth atth isdata wil lbealw ay sse cu re .S o,t h isdataneedtobe in sp ec te d ,c le an ed ,t r a n sfo rm edan dmodelle dsoth at th eywil lbeuse fu ltobuildmodelsusin gMac h in e Lea rn in g,N eu ra lNetw ork s,e tc .S o,w esh ouldbe ab letose cu reth edatapro perly .S o,t h isisach ie v ed usin gNetw ork M in eran dth iswillpro vid emore se cu re d ata f o r t h e f u tu re . 3.E duca ti o n- Asth eco m in ggen era tio nwoulddeal morewit hte ch nolo gie s,t h epack etan aly zerto ols lik eNetw ork M in er,Wir e sh ark ,F id dle r,e tc .

w ould beofgre athelptoth estu den tsan dth eyca n perfo rm a m azin g a c ti v iti e s u sin g t h ese t o ols . ?? VIII . CONCLUSION Netw ork M in erth uswasuse dtoperfo rmliv e sn if f in gaswellasa casestu dywasex am in ed base dona parti c u la rpack etcap tu refilewhic his av ail a b le o n I n te rn et. V.R EFERENCES https://www.netresec.

com/ A uth or B io gra phic a l S ta te m en ts Sm it a V is h nu M ore Assis ta n t P ro fe sso r Com pute r D ep artm en t Pilla i C olle g e o f E ngin ee rin g Jid nasa V ij a y kum ar P illa i BE C om pute r Pilla i C olle g e o f E ngin ee rin g Rohin i B rid gitte S ta n ly BE C om pute r Pilla i C olle g e o f E ngin ee rin g Pra jy ot P ra sa d S alg ao nkar BE C om pute r Pill a i C olle g e o f E ngin ee rin g Anam ik a S an ap BE C om pute r Pill a i C olle g e o f E ngin ee rin g


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