Network network, they can share their files

NetworkA computer network is a set of two or more computers connected together in order to share information and other resources. The computer in a network is connected with one another cables, satellite or telephone lines.Different types of computer in a network are as follows.Terminal ComputerEvery computer that is part of a computer network is called a terminal or node. The users using different terminal computer can share information and send or receive data from one terminal to another.Server ComputerA server computer in a computer network is used as a central computer.

It controls other computer in the network. Server computer is more powerful than terminals.Examples of Computer NetworkSome examples of computer network are as mentions.

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Computer network can be used in an office. Different people in the office can access common information. If all user computers are connected through a network, they can share their files and exchange mail. They can also send faxes and print documents from any computer in the network.Internet is also an example of computer network in which millions of computers are connected through phone lines. People using this network can share information, files and talk with one another.

Benefits / Advantages of Computer NetworksInformation & Resource SharingData and information can be shared among different users. Resources like printers, scanners, CD-ROM drives, hard disks and software can also be shared.Money SavingPeople can save a lot of money by using the same software over a network instead of purchasing separate copy of the software for each user.Easy CommunicationA person can communicate with others very easily using a large network like internet.Internet Access SharingInternet Access Sharing: Small computer networks allow multiple users to share a single internet connection. Special hardware devices allocate the bandwidth of the connection to various individuals. An organization can purchase one high-speed connection instead of money slower ones.


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