network research library on the network description

network must be applied native data format bibliographic information into the network, integrated into Google, Wikipedia, social networking applications and other network services users everyday use, thereby enhancing the entire ecosystem of network information resource library of relevance.In the era of an open network, users choose the way of retrieving information resources undergone significant change. General users are increasingly tending to use search engines as a search starting point.

Bibliographic information stored in a traditional format MARC data to search engines and cannot be represented by a network application services to obtain and reveal how to make web users reflux library from the web service applications become a huge problem faced by libraries.In order to meet changes in users’ habits retrieval, OCLC starts WorldCat program in early 2004. The holdings data in WorldCat have joined Google and Yahoo and other major search engines to allow users to more conveniently use WorldCat. However, this does not enable bibliographic data truly open internet resources.On June 3, 2011, the world’s three major search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo and later joined Yandex co-sponsored Schema.

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org, which aims to create one of the major search engines support structured data markup schema, in order to provide a better web experience for users. Web structured data markup helps search engines to understand the information on web pages, providing richer search results.OCLC noted that it could be an important tool for effective data which can describe library collections. Experimental study of interrelated data while OCLC is slowly becoming mature, with this new technology release associated bibliographic data library, seems to be very satisfactory. OCLC concerned about efforts to provide structured data suitable for a wide field of information can be traced back Dublin Core Metadata in 1995. In 1997, with OCLCaccession to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), OCLC researchers began to actively participate in the W3C research library on the network description of bibliographic data. An OCLC group of associated data from Schema.

org conducted experiments bibliographic model development for as a model bibliographic database, trying to address the shortcomings of the traditional bibliographic data format in the overall level of the library. The model connects


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