Networking proactive plans for smooth communication. I

Networking is an essential tool that connects two or more entities. My connection is not limited domestically but worldwide. Both require proactive plans for smooth communication. I will demonstrate how I achieve and sustain networking.Firstly, I established networking after I graduated in 2013. A former lecturer invited me to her design talk for 2013 World Industrial Design Day.

It was the first worldwide event conducted by a non-government organisation (NGO), Malaysian Industrial Designers Association (PEREKA), for industrial design enthusiasts. The turnout was overwhelming. I registered as a member and subscribe its newsletter to maintain the relationship. I traded my details with designers and academicians. On top of this, I communicated with the founding members and voiced out suggestions to improve the design community. The members introduced me to a PEREKA social media moderator, Mr.

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Firdaus. I also expressed my concern to him. We met again at the 2018 annual meeting. As I am currently a lecturer, he shared a contact number of a Malaysia Automotive Institute representative who conducts a computer-aided design (CAD) workshop. He hopes his sharing may benefit my students and me. I learned that this ecosystem gives me access to employers’ contact, design workshops, focus group discussion and entrepreneurship advice. My involvement allows me to learn on the NGO structure which enables me to apply for future networking.

My second example of networking is through my experience using a social application, Couchsurfing, to connect with global travellers. In 2015, an art lecturer from the Philippines named Angel Viceral wanted to visit Kuala Lumpur for a conference, and she needed a tour. I responded to her request as we have a similar art interest shown on the application. Our visit to local art museums and my in-depth knowledge of local contemporary art inspired her to write a postgraduate research paper. I established a long-term connection by offering to be involved in her data collection. Her status as a lecturer enables us to collaborate academically in the future. We will be able to share insights on our local art institutions and the impact of art and design in Asian universities.

We are occasionally contacting each other via social media for discussions. These experiences have taught me that networking is not a mere connection but an ongoing relationship. Chevening scholarship will diversify my network among potential leaders.


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