Networking and government entities use wide area networks

NetworkingPass point 1What is LAN?The local-area network (LAN) is a computer network that is spread across a very small area, restricted to a small area like LAN home, office, or collage. LANs can be connected to their LANs via telephone lines and radio waves.Benefits of LANThe basic LAN product does not cost too much. It is easy to control and manage the entire LAN as it is available in one small area.

The LAN type is very easy due to availability of required protocols in the Operating System itself.Constraints of LANLAN type is faster than WAN and it doesn’t cost very much. If the machine is not turned on, other machines will not be able to navigate to the shared files on that machine, and data sharing on the LAN will be stored on every computer in the local network.What is WAN?A wide area network (WAN) is a telecommunications network or computer network that extends over a large distance. Business, education, and government entities use wide area networks to transmit data to employees, students, customers, buyers, and suppliers around the world.Benefits of WANWAN also provide some key technical advantages as well. In addition to providing support for a wide range of applications and a large number of terminals, WANs also allow companies to extend their networks through location- based plug-in connections and to increase interconnectivity through the use of gateways, bridges, and routers.

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Constraints of WANThe WAN connects two or more LANs. This can be achieved by using devices such as routers. There are many ways to build a wide area network. Wireless WAN technologies can include cellular data networks such as 4G LTE, as well as public Wi-Fi or satellite networks.What is MAN?Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) is a network that connects users to computer resources in geographical areas or regions. This area is even wider than the more extensive LAN covered areas or regions, but smaller than the wide area network.

The term is applied to the interconnection of networks in a city into a single wider network.Benefits of MANMAN often acts as a high-speed network to allow sharing regional resources like a big LAN. It is also often used to provide public available connection to other networks using a WAN connection. Network can range from 5 to 50 kilometers.Constraints of MANMAN requires fewer resources than WAN. It doesn’t cost very much. MAN network is usually operated at the airport or in several combinations of a local school.

It has higher security compare with WAN.What is PAN?Personal Area Network (PAN) is a computer network that revolves around personal organizations and is tor personal use only. Personal area networks can be wireless or wired.

Wireless personal area networks typically cover a range of a few centimeters to 10 meters.Benefits of PANWith a PAN, your own personal devices can interconnect for easier communication. PANs do not need to operate computers in other buildings or cities, so they can only communicate with conventional vision devices such as nearby tablets.Constraints of PANPersonal area network can be wireless or cabled. USB and FireWire typically connect wired PANs together, while wireless PANs typically use Bluetooth or sometimes infrared connections. However, just like WLANs and other network types, personal area networks are as easy to access as nearby hackers.

What is SAN?A special storage area networks (SAN), and high-speed access to the network, the network will be provided-level storage block. SANs typically interconnected hosts, switches and storage elements are composed of a storage device using a variety of techniques, topology and protocols. SANs will span multiple sites.Benefits of SANSAN storage is generally attached DAS disk is more reliable.

With this application, to avoid disruption can save your company money. The cost of an hour of the time of the application from the company different from the company, but can be exceeded in some cases millions.Constraints of SANStorage area networks are high-speed sub networks of shared storage devices. The architecture of the SAN can make all storage devices available to all servers on the LAN or WAN. As more storage devices are added to the SAN, they can also be accessed from any server in a larger network.What is VPN?A virtual private network (VPN) is a technology that creates a safe and encrypted connection over a less secure network, such as the internet. VPN technology was developed to allow remote users and branch offices to protect tunnels.

VPN users must use an authentication method that includes passwords, tokens, and other unique identification methods to access the VPN.Benefit of VPNA VPN (Virtual Private Network) is one solution to establishing long-distance and secured network connections. A VPN is usually a separately implemented enterprise or organization but can reach virtual networks from inside the home network.Constraints of VPNVPNs are widely used for remote work away from the office, integrate networks in different geographical locations, and protect their data when a public Wi-Fi zone is connected to the internet.

What is WLAN?A wireless local area network (WLAN) using a high-frequency radio waves, and often include internet access point for two or more of the device’s wireless distribution method. The network connection while maintaining a WLAN, users around the coverage area is often allowed to be moved to the home or small office.Benefit of WLANWLAN is a wireless computing network that can connect two or more devices in a restricted area, such as a home, a school, a computer lab, or a business building. WLAN is a marketed under the Wi-Fi brand name. Wireless LANs have become popular in the home due to ease of installation and use.

Constraints of WLANThe wireless network allows multiple devices to use the same remote internet connection and share other files and resources. When we compare with wired networks, wireless network is faster.What is IEEE 802.3?802.3 The Electricity Institute of Electronic Engineers (IEEE) is maintained for the Ethernet local area network (LAN) standard is a physical connection method. Generally 802.

3 define the physical characteristics and working Ethernet media.What is IEEE 802.11?802.

11 is a set of wireless networking standards. They are probably familiar with three popular standards: 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.

11g and 802.11n. 802.11a is a one of the first wireless standards.

802.11a operates in the 5GHz radio band and can achieve a maximum of 54Mbps.Benefits of IEEE 802.11The 802.11 standard is a validated model that developers can use to implement wireless developers can use to implement wireless devices.

The use of standards reduces the learning curve required to understand a particular technology because the standard group has invested the time it takes to smooth wrinkles when implementing the applicable technology. This leads to less time for product development.What is IEEE 802.

15?IEEE 802.15 is a working group of the Ilectrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) IEEE 802 Standards Committee, which defines Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) standards. There are 10 major areas of development that are not all active. The number of task groups in IEEE 802.15 depends on the number of active projects.What is IEEE 802.6?802.6 is the IEEE standard for Metropolitan Area Network (MAN).

This is the access method and physical layer specification. Distributed double-row bus (DQDB). The Switch Multimegabit Data Service (SMDS) is derived from 802.6. Therefore, the standard was withdrawn.Pass point2Bus topologyBus topology is a networking system where every computer and network device is connected to the cable or backbone network. This works well when you have a small network.

It may be difficult to fix personal device problems.Ring topologyA ring topology is a network configuration, where the device connections create a circular data path. In a ring network, when the packets of data go from one device to another, they reach their destination. A network server is not required to control network connections between each workplace.Tree topologyA tree topology is special type of structure in which many attached elements are arranged as branches of a tree. In a tree topology, there is only one link between two connected terminals.

Because both ends can have only one mutual connection, tree topologies form a natural parent-child hierarchy.Mesh topologyEach system and network device is connected to a network system, allowing for the transmissions, even if one of the connections goes down. This is a topology used commonly for wireless networks.Pass 3HubA network hub is a network device used to connect multiple network host. Network hubs are also used for data transmission.

When the host sends a packet to the hub, the hub copies the packet to all ports connected to it.SwitchA switch signal flow for the next part of the physical circuitry piece. A switch or Toggle switch having a connection is allowed to be opened or closed. When opened, the switch is a signal or power connection is allowed to flow through. When enabled, stopping the flow switch is broken connections and circuits.NICThe network interface card provides the computer with a dedicated full-time connection to the network. Personal computers and workstations on a local area network (LAN) often contain a specifically for LAN transmission technology.BridgeThe bridge is a computer networking device that supports interconnection with the same protocol.

The bridge uses an open systems interconnection class (OSI) data layer, combining two different networks and facilitating communication between them.RouterA router is a device that analyzes the content of packets transmitted within a network or other network. The router determines whether the source and destination are on the same network, or whether the data must be transferred from one network type to another.

This requires encapsulating the data packet with new network-type routing protocol headers.


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