Next, stress. Dr. James W Anderson, a

Next, is by undergoing a psychotherapy method. Depression problems can usually be treated through psychotherapy by the psychologists. This method not only helps in treats depression but also treats other diseases such as personality problems and behavioral disorders. There are several types and means of psychotherapy treatments that can be performed such as drug therapies, electroconsalsive therapy and psychosurgical therapy. Therapy can also be done in two stages, namely individual therapy and group therapy. Lastly, depression can be treated by practicing meditation. Meditation is a human focusing technique that focus on breathing as well as certain movements aimed at raising the level of consciousness of the mind, reducing stress, making us calmer and raising the level of consciousness of the soul.

Modern medical experts have begun to admit that meditation is the best way in treating stress. Dr. James W Anderson, a professor of medicine at the University of Kentucky Medical Faculty, has studied and acknowledged that meditation can cure chronic diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, stroke, stress, anger, depression, weakness and less motivation.

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