Nicoleta research methods appropiate for meeting project

Nicoleta Dovincescu Unit titleManaging a Successful Business Project Student number16003754 Date05/08/2018 Batch/GroupHNDB B -WH-D35 Lecturers nameMuhammad Hasan Tariq Year/Intake September 2017 cohort Table of Contents TOC f o 1-9 o 1-9 INTRODUCTION 1 Part 12 P1 Draw aims and objectives. 2 P2 Description on the project management plan. 3 P3 Draw Gantt charts to provide framing of time. 9 Part 2.10 P4 Carry out small-scale research by applying qualitative and quantitative research methods appropiate for meeting project aims and objectives.

11 Part 3.13 P5..13 P6..19 P7..

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21 REFERENCES 22 Appendix 1.24 Appendix 225 Appendix 3..

26 Title- To examine the impact of digital technologies on transformation of oppression of firm and activities. A study on The Cherry Tree at Blackrod London Restaurant INTRODUCTION PART 1Project management plan P 1. The technological advancement palsy crucial role to stimulate the growth of enterprise. The digital technology is helpful in order to bring systematic process. It is the factor which bring lathe amount of profitability to firm. In these days, technologies are considered to be essential part of life.

It enables the immense amount of information. Technologies are very helpful in order to saving of the time and cost. The present assignment will outline business activities as to identify the impact of digital technology on the key operation of firm. In addition to this, this assignment will be inclusive of the things as are cost, scope, risk, communication. Thus, work breakdown structure and Gantt chart is need to be prepared (Flyverbom, Huysman and Matten 2016). The activities will be considered on the key operation of the Cherry Tree at Blackrod London Restaurant It is concerned with the HR related activities as are marketing and other kind of business oppression and technologies affects the overall working of enterprise in larger mode. In this way, small scale research is need to be conducted and it will both apply to the quantitative and qualitative method of research so that there can be accomplishment of objectives to the firm. Thus, recommendation will be provided which will helpful to the management of The Cherry Tree at Blackrod London Restaurant in order to have improvement in the activities of enterprise.

In this manner, process of research methodologies is need to be drawn in effective mode. This kind of activities are helpful in order to achieve the desire goals. In this way, the aims and objective of the research project are discussed in following manner as are- Draw aims and objectives. Aim- To examine the impact of digital technologies on transformation of oppression of firm and activities. A the Cherry Tree at Blackrod London Restaurant.

Objectives- To understand the concept of digital technologies. To identifies the significance of technological advancement to key operation process of Cherry Tree at Blackrod London Restaurant To examine the impact of digital technologies on the tactics of Cherry Tree at Blackrod London Restaurant To recommend the ways to the management in order to improving the use of digital technology. Research questions What is the concept of digital technologies. What are the value of digital technologies in order to manage the operational function of Cherry Tree at Blackrod London Restaurant.

What is the impact of technological advancement in the tactics of Cherry Tree at Blackrod London Restaurant. What are the recommendations to the management in order to improving the use of technological advancement. P2 Produce a project management plan incorporating costs,scope,time, quality, communication, risk and resources A project management plan is a formal document that indicates how the project will be implemented (Flick, 2011). A project management plan contains several parts- 1. definition of scope and duration 2. resource allocation of the project 3. plan for quality assurance 4.

communication plan 5. risk management plan The above task administration design, the exercises which will be perform in the exploration, term, spending plan, hazard and assets has been appeared. Scope After the examination, the administration of Cherry Tree at Blackrod London Restaurant will have the capacity to decide the centrality of advanced innovations. Besides, they will have the capacity to actualize new and most recent advancements that will help in development and improvement of the association. Time The aggregate time of the exploration decide by the specialist is 112 days. Communication- The specialist will speak with the administration of The Cherry Tree at Blackrod London Restaurant lodging and workers keeping in mind the end goal to continue facilitate for gathering of information and breaking down the effect of advanced innovations on their business tasks (Flick, 2015) Cost The aggregate spending plan of the venture resolved to be 5000. The allotment has been appeared in the above undertaking administration design.

Table 1Cost and time duration Scope/ stage Expected timeframe 1Project planning 4 weeks 2. Project implementation and control 8 weeks 3. Project closing and reporting 4 weeks Task NameDurationStartFinishPredecessorsResource NamesCostLevel of risk1Identifying title of project8 daysMON 03/05/18MON 03/12/180.00Low2Making problem statement15 daysTUE 3/13/18TUE 3/27/181500.00Moderate3Setting deadlines to allocate resources20 daysTUE 3/27/18SUN 04/15/182300.00Moderate4Literature review15 daysMON 04/16/18MON 04/30/181,2Books,Journals Internet and articles1700.

00High5Choosing techniques for investigation15 daysTUE 05/01/18TUE 05/15/183300.00Moderate6Cost calculation5 daysWED 05/16/18SUN 05/20/184800.00High7Data Interpretation and analysis5 daysMON 05/21/18FRI 05/25/185Questionnaires200.00High8Evaluating results and findings10 daysSAT 05/26/18MON 06/04/184,5100.00Low9Presenting conclusion and recommendations5 daysWED 06/06/18SUN 06/10/186300.00Moderate10Documenting results12 daysMON 06/11/18FRI 06/22/187800.00High Table 2 Resource budget OPERATING ACTIVITIESBUDGET ()COSTPROJECT BUDGET5000MATERIAL PROCURINGPROCURE SOFTWARE100PROCURE HARDWARE500PRINTER,PAPER100FUNCTIONSCOSTKNOWLEDGE IN PLANNING AND RESEARCH1000IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PROJECT1000PROCURING THE INTERNET500FORMAT OF THE SITE1000PUBLICATION FOR SOCIAL NETWORK500OTHER300TOTAL50005000 3.Quality Controll Plan Table 3Quality control plan Quality issuesStage Impact Control Incorrect project obiectivesPlanningMediumControlled by an expertUnrealistic cost allocationPlanningMediumCalculation and registrationWrong project designPlanningHighDiscussions with employees before inaugurationError websiteImplementationMediumTesting and checking before executionWeak data collectionImplementationHighControlled by an expertIncorrect respondentsImpementationMediumFinding the qualified person before processing the dataIncorrect data analysisClosingHighCommunicating the project and sharing ideas with the team leaderInsufficient reportingReportingHighAssociation of ideas and results 4.

Comunication Plan Table 4Comunication Plan Stakeholder engagementDescriptionfrequencyFormat Week of the timelineParticipantsInitial CommunicationAs neededemail5th weekParticipantsMeeting for data collectionOnce In person8th weekTeam leader Show progressEvery weekMail,in personEntire periodSupport membersHelp for data softwareAs neededIn person,mailEntire period 5.Risk management plan Table 5Risk management plan RiskImpactMitigation Unrealistic timelineMedium Changes with detailed explanationsAbsence of commitmentMedium Focus on the Gantt chartWeak cost controlMedium Balancing costbetween activitiesLess support from expertsMedium Seek support from managersWithdrawal from participationHigh Ad extra respondentMisuse of collected dataHigh Follow ethical problem from the project P3Draw Gantt charts to provide framing of time. SHAPE MERGEFORMAT Phases Planning Implementation controlReporting Weeks 123456789101112131415161Setting objectives2Scope statement 3Identification of key resources4Communication plan 5Risk assessment 6Team meeting 7Completion of project plan 8Website development9Introducing website10Website testing 11Development of data collection tools 12Team meeting 13Communication for data collection 14Data collection 15Data analysis 16Result and findings 17Team meeting 18Reviewing 19Submit report PART 2 Part 2 Project log book P 4. Carry out small-scale research by applying qualitative and quantitative research methods appropriate for meeting project aims and objectives Project design The project is an educative study to recognize the problems and opportunities that can be supported by small businesses due to analogic transformations in digital signals. All these challenges and attributes will focus on good business condition, cost implications and time to change.

the project strategies give you the opportunity to analyze the relationship between the problems identified. Because it analyzes various causes and effects due to the link between two aspects. Because of this, the explanatory project strategy can investigate the answer to the question Why small businesses adopt digital technologies in their business The purpose of this project is to study the feasibility of digital technologies in small businesses, especially in small restaurants. Both employees and managers have a duty to learn about the usefulness of digital technologies, as long as they are active in business. Then, digital technology users will provide information on the benefits and chances of digital technology. The project could be implemented with interpretive strategies, since human interactions and practices are related to technologies (Saunders et al., 2012) Target population The project was supported by employees of the Cherry Tree restaurant at Blackrod London, which brought digital technologies into their activities. So the restaurants employees are the target population of the study.

The project was supported by employees from several business sectors, such as operations, accounting, marketing and human resources (HR). Furthermore, restaurant customers have been included in the study to review the performance of the site that was recently introduced. . Research method Thorough research provides methods for the business project The qualitative method brings detailed information from the respondents, while the quantitative study gathers necessary and objective information about the project.

The project used the qualitative method and the quantitative method to study as much as possible the project. Various case study methods have been used to run research.Cases are organized by business activities such as operations, marketing, accounting and human resources Instruments for data collection Interview and observation are the methods applied to highlight quantitative data and quantitative methods for use in polls and questionnaires. (Saunders et al., 2012). The project used the questionnaire method to get answers from the respondents.

The questionnaire offers more benefits – easy to distribute, it carries the same set of questions for all and takes less time to respond. The interview method was used for the qualitative method. In the elaborated questionnaire, a Likert scale was used in 5 points, so that the respondents understand the difference between the scales (see the details in Annex 1). On the other hand, a structured interview format for qualitative research was prepared. The questionnaire helps achieve the research goal 1 and the interview is designed for research objectives 2 and 3. A summary is the following Research questionResearch methodData collection instrumentRespondentsResearch question 1Quantitative studyQuestionnaireCustomersResearch question 2Qualitative studyInterviewEmployees of the restaurantResearch question 3Qualitative studyInterviewEmployees of the restaurant Part 3 Performance review P5 Analyse research and data using appropriate tools and techniques Analysis and result of quantitative data and qualitative research Quantitative research Quantitative research can be done using many methods like observation, survey, questionnaire, focus group etc.(Huemann, 2013).so to do the quantitative research for the Cherry Tree restaurant at Blackrod London , as a project manager I have taken the survey method for the research.

so I have prepared a survey questionnaire based on Liket scale and 20 respondents . Qualitative research is taken to know the insight of the customers and people. A good qualitative research help the project manager know what the customers of the company think about the the Leon restaurant has set some questions to get the insights of the customers. In the following section, as a manager of the project 1.Gender of the respondent SHAPE MERGEFORMAT This project has included 20 customers to understand effectiveness of the digital technologies in the restaurant. The question 1 has identified the proportion of male and female in the research. 12 males and 8 females were included in the study.

As both genders represent the study, therefore it is expected that opinion will be general. 2. Age group of the respondent Users of technology vary across age groups and this factor is important for a research. This research has included respondents from all age groups.

As a result, opinion and experience related to technology came from all groups. The largest group of the research consists of respondents who are between 16 and 30 years. 3. What types of digital technology do you use for your activity SHAPE MERGEFORMAT Customers use wide range of technologies for their activities.

Most of the customers are experienced with websites, email and digital payment systems. This is significant for this study as recently developed website of the restaurant has integrated all the elements described above. However, mobile apps, digital advertising and online chat are supported by half of the respondents. 4.Digital technology saves time to complete a work SHAPE MERGEFORMAT Most of the respondents suggest that digital technologies are helpful for completing work quicker. However, 25 percent respondents did not provide positive reply to the question.

The probable explanation of this opinion is that they are aged and inexperienced users of digital technologies. 5.Digital technology helps to get more information about a product or service SHAPE MERGEFORMAT The question 5 provides that 65 percent users search information from digital technologies such as websites, email or digital marketing. 20 percent respondents do not use digital technologies are information seeking. Nevertheless, digital technology is helpful for a business as people get information from websites or digital advertising. 6. Do you use websites for purchasing products or services SHAPE MERGEFORMAT Question 6 provides online buying behaviour of respondents.

According to the study, 65 percent respondents use online system for purchasing products and services. Although 35 percent is not related to this issue, however this result is satisfactory for introducing digital technologies in the restaurant businesses 7. Do new technologies create new challenges in the everyday life SHAPE MERGEFORMAT Although digital technologies are helpful forevery day life, however it can create challenges if technologies change frequently. This study finds that 60 respondents face some challenges in using new technologies. This information also important for a business because changing digital technologies frequently can impact performance negatively. 8.

Will you use website of The Cherry Tree at Blackrod London Restaurant for placing orders SHAPE MERGEFORMAT 70 percent respondents are determined to use recently introduced website of The Cherry Tree at Blackrod London Restaurant.This is a promising point for the restaurant. However, marketing manager of the restaurant can take more initiative for rest 30 percent to understand their behaviour about the companys website.

Analysis and result of qualitative data Interview data were analysed by the thematic analysis technique. A three-step procedure- coding, sub-theme and theme was followed to analysis qualitative data (Saunders et al., 2012). The themes are arranged by the business activities- operation, accounting, marketing and HR (table 6).

Table 6 Result of qualitative research ACTIVITYDIGITAL TECHNOLOGYBENEFIT CHALLENGESOperationElectronic communication, digital pay systemSave time and moneyTraining cost,skilled employees,maintenance costAccounting Accounting,software,externalStoring of big dataFew skilled employeesMarketing Digital marketing New market opportunitiesHard to estimate Performance of digital marketingHROnline communication Employees database,skill,trainingTraining cost,regular update. The study finds a mix result from qualitative information. Although digital technologies offer several benefits, however many challenges are faced by firm as well. Maximum use of the digital technology was found in the operational activity while limited activity was recorded by HR. Initial investment and staff training are two most important challenges for digital technologies, according to the study. Marketing activities are supported by the opinion and experience of the customers. As a result, customer will get new information about restaurant quickly.

P6 Communicate appropriate recommendations as a result of research and data analysis to draw valid and meaningful conclusions Interpretation of findings Using the results from quantitative and qualitative analysis, findings are interpreted to justify research objectives. The first objective is regarding performance due to the introduction of digital technologies in the business. The study recommends that digital technologies will provide positive support to The Cherry Tree at Blackrod London Restaurant for improved performance.

As most of the customers have adequate knowledge and experience on the digital technologies, therefore the restaurant can run marketing programs through its digital facilities. As a result, operational cost will go down due to less communication and advertising expenses. The second objective is related to benefits of the digital technologies. The study identified benefits such as cost saving, productivity improvement, using large data and staff development that are offered by digital technologies. However, benefits are not uniformed throughout the business. Accessing, storing and analysis of data have direct impact on the new business development and performance improvement. The third objective is to explore challenges due to digital technologies. Skills development for new technologies is the main challenges for small businesses.

Although digital technologies can influence productivity, however it is not possible if employees do not have adequate competencies in using those facilities. Consequently, investment for new technologies can be misused due to lack of skills. Digital technologies cannot ensure higher performance automatically because proper training is needed to operate digital technologies.

Recommendations The Cherry Tree at Blackrod London Restaurant should assess its training facilities before including new technologies for business activities. Due to lack of training, investment for new digital technologies can be wastage of money. Digital technologies change rapidly due to new update. This Restaurant should do cost-benefit analysis before updating current technologies. Moreover, the company can get support from outsourcing to reduce initial investment. Performance evaluation is recommended for each technology. The business should evaluate performance of each technology to ensure completive advantages. In addition, restaurant managers should collect feedback from customers about effectiveness of companys website and its communication system.

The The Cherry Tree at Blackrod London Restaurant can improve their performance by implementing customers feedback regarding digital technologies. P7 Reflect on the value of understanding the research to meet stated objectives and own learning and performance A research is a multi-layer learning system because completion of one work leads to the next activity. Due to complexity in the business environment, completion of this project helps me to develop research skills. At the beginning of the project, I had little knowledge on the project design.

Practically, I achieved knowledge how to plan a project including problem identification, setting objectives, and collecting information. While conducting the research, I developed data collection instruments, collected data from small businesses. In addition, verbal and written communication was essential part of the data collection.

At the end of the study, collected data were analysed and presented in a formal way. This project was completed with a set of transferable skills. Verbal and written communication are most important as it is directly related to business and profession.

Asking and recording of interview data improved my confidence in professional communication. Development of research objectives supports to enhance analytical abilities. Similarly, data analysis and interpretation are related to problem solving skill. Furthermore, risk assessment can improve capabilities of effective planning. REFERENCES Book Journal https//cherrytreeblackrod.

com/ Flick, U., 2015. Introducing research methodology A beginners guide to doing a research project. Sage. Flyverbom, M.

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(2012) Research Methods forBusiness Students. 6th Ed. Harlow Pearson. Vitez, O. (2018) The impact of technological change on business activity online.

Available at http// accessed on 30 March 2018 Appendix Appendix 1 Survey questionnaire for customers .1. Gender of the respondent 1 2 3 4 5 6.

Do you use websites for purchasing products or services 1 2 3 4 5 7. Do new technologies create new challenges in the everyday life 1 2 3 4 5 8. Will you use website of Sunrise Restaurant for placing orders 1 2 3 4 5 5.

What are the challenges of using digital technologies in your business 6. How you develop employees for new technologies Is it challenge for your business 7. Do your business have enough finance to buy new technology Appendix 3Project Log Book Week no Date identifiedUpdate and Improve weekly the projectThe problem identifiedResult Effect on projectRisk preventionTask to do for next week15 march 2018The first week of planningIncorrect project objectivesLow Right outcomeCheck by expertScope of development2.12 march 2018The second week of planningSignificant changes in time durationModerat Work schedule Team meetingSubmission of The project3.19 march 2018The third week of the planningWrong allocation of budgetHigh Impact of the progresionCheck the budgetResourse budget4.27 march 2018Update of the project planning submissionMissing any important issueHigh Work schedulenoneProject implimentation5.

07 april 2018First week of the project implementationTeam is waiting for hardware deliveryModerat Difficult to work schedule Re planning Weekly scheduleTesting hardware6.13 april 2018Second week of the project implementationIncompatible hardwareLow Delay to finish deadlineDiscussion For errorTesting for software7.23 april 2018Third week of the project implementedError in softwareLow Delay in website Discussion for errorTesting website8.14 may been successfully publishedProblem in internetModerst Incorrect performance website Check hardwareLaunching website9.28 may 2018Update on website performanceIncorrect criteriaModerat Incorrect evaluation of websiteMeeting With Net providerData colection10.31 may 2018Report on website performanceLess interested respondentsHigh Delay in reporting Check sample sizeData colection11.

4 june 2018Qualitative data collection completedInsufficient data Low Incorrect perform evaluationResearch for dataData collection12.07 june 2018Quantitative data collection completedLess participationModerat Incorrect evaluation of data Plus Work Data analysis13.17 june 2018The first week of the reportAbsent of key personModerat Delay in reporting Team work Report 14.20 juneData analysisSelecting irrelevant variablesHigh Late the representant for dataTeam workTeam meeting15.

21 june 2018Soft copy completedData interpretation and analysis Moderat Improve the work of reporting Save all the fileReporting the work16.22 june 2018Ready for printingBad quality printingHigh Moderat attractive to readersCheckProject completed PAGE 5 PAGE MERGEFORMAT 2 1i6jxyyWGWfuUOP3 nxjx5Ukt yE4WQ4x8t-VVizB1m//5kxJ156KAA3v n/XMef84b7tMiiXlE/F07tNN43 l0xhCrIMvyCr5ofjU1t (bRlc3rli,Oe_7kz,ne2nCJcfj6kLS1qikzY.uNxijU1t yc4,[email protected] fzu 4eCr-7o2cxHlEzxEA,CDaS8ixk [email protected]_RWT_o_zwsMKy7uacMbxH9anZF4PSuTWpXziY_CGO.m4mox.jsqxxEg5m1WQi6XIidkcNBAgttFa5b1wnxexEC7Nr5oLNcgLhkakoIJ_/xqLFgO-gxKn4mfuLyuNaxUc4044zwZExEDxjU1ttw g2oxl 3 Ns/iOT_OUD4N4N4uErr ohl/(_/_8gR/c1Mlo6EcY/46QMkyEcxlkM9pjx5xpUHUrnyEV/J-7oeVU9kQkdXOYOunVr/foNiTQ t_ [email protected]_FmUnxUs/UUrnyEV/,y200//_(/z0oZnycnxE/z0Ea _G9eyqmmcZWLNm_kar,nu 6F,zN_ks.TnpaTV9fL.

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