Nintendo next six months will leave this system

Nintendo Switch is clearly the most talked about console of this generation. The one problem that Nintendo faces today is the task of ensuring that Nintendo Switch will be relevant when Sony and Microsoft unveil their new consoles. The Nintendo Switch has a great library of Triple-A games which has made this an ideal system for many gamers. Many game developers have started focusing on making their games look stunning.

According to me, the future titles of many studious are going to struggle to run on the Nintendo Switch. Games from the Xbox 360 have had great difficulty in running smoothly on the Switch. A great example of this is L.A Noire from Rockstar Studios had to be graphically downscaled to run at 60 fps on the switch. Thus, Nintendo has to devise a strategy to use their main titles to keep the sales of this system going. They also have to look into selling retro games as this will draw a large number of buyers.

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The introduction of the Ps4 in the next six months will leave this system crippled with few buyers. I feel if Nintendo can focus on adding about fifty great titles in the next year or so then this system will be viable even five years down the line.


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