Noise People in the community has been

Noise pollution has been always a problem in the Philippines, it is one of the major problems in the environment of our community. Because of the widely advancement of technology, unlike in the past there are less vehicles that surrounds our community, changes happen that the sounds of the vehicles became noises which produce inconvenience in our community. As time pass by these noises produced by the vehicles have been a nuisance that even the government had to take an action for it.
Modern vehicles are invented to limit its noise production, however people make illegal modifications to the vehicles, that cause in the long run a disturbance to the residents that are near of the presence of the vehicles (Bhatia, 2014). Most of the time, vehicles that wears muffler are the one that disturbs the community and the excessive revolutions of the vehicles. People in the community has been filing complaints in their barangay because of the unending noise cause of the vehicles.
Even the government need to participate as well in this problem, because as time goes by the noise that comes from the vehicles become a more nuisance for our community, that even the people of community needs to take an action. According to Mayol, A.V. (2013) even though actions and efforts are made, this problem is still vulnerable for the community. Because if the government will turn blind eye on this, the problem will not be solve unless there will be an implementation and solution to the stated problem.
This noises coming from the vehicles are not just disturbance, because based on the findings of Jacyna M., Wasiak M., and Lewczuk K. (2017) it causes bad effects on the health of the people who experience disturbance cause by the noises, also they found out that there are a need of plan to lower the case of noise cause by vehicles.


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