Non-proliferation do not contribute to a peaceful and

Non-proliferation of nuclear weapons should be of utmost importance toevery nation. As history has shown, nuclear weapons pose a great threat tointernational peace, stability, security and prosperity. The use of suchweapons can cause irreversible damage to the environment and more importantly,it can cost the lives of civilians, but also harm future generations that arebound to experience the devastating effects of radioactive fallout and toxicpollution. A large scale nuclear war would eliminate the human race and mostcomplex forms of life on Earth.

The Syrian Arab Republic is a non-nuclear weapon state, one of the firstcountries to sign the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT)in 1968. As the president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad has stated Syria’s goal is”a nuclear-free Middle East”.Syria has proposed a Weapons of Mass Destruction Free Zone (WMDFZ) inthe Middle East as a way to prevent the further proliferation of nuclearweapons and create lasting peace in this war-torn area. Furthermore, the WMDFZwould act as a counter-measure against countries that undermine peace in theMiddle East. The situation in the Korean peninsula needs to be stabilized and theinternational community is obligated to take steps towards a political solutionto the issue. A pivotal component of this process will be the rebuilding oftrust between all parties involved.

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  Theunjust sanctions the UN has imposed on the people of the DPRK do not contributeto a peaceful and efficient resolution to this crisis. They target civiliansand their access to basic commodities and are a blatant violation of the humanrights and dignity of the North Korean people. Moreover, threats to annihilatethe country made by the United States of America’s president put peace andstability at a grave risk. Provocation, pressure and a militarist and insultingrhetoric against another nation are not only misguided and futile but also, utterlycontrary to the values of the United Nations, that promote dialogue anddiplomacy.The international community should prioritize the creation of a moreextensive and binding legal framework concerning the use of nuclear weapons.

The need for regional and international cooperation in the field of nuclearweapons has become evident. Treaties adopted by the United Nations ought tohave the respect and undoubtful support of all the members of the internationalcommunity. The Syrian Arab Republic has stressed time and again the need tocompel the only non-signatory country of the NPT Treaty in the Middle East region,Israel, to join the treaty and abandon its illegal nuclear weapons program.

Atomic energy can contribute to peace, health and prosperity throughoutthe world but only if humans make good use of it. The Syrian Arab Republic iswholeheartedly committed to this vision and urges all nations to work withcommitment in pursuit of this objective. but only if humans make good use of it.


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