Noreen impeccable at time keeping and work very

Noreen Kelly
Address : Cappagarriff, Glann Road, Mobile Number: 087 9032766
Oughterard, Galway Email [email protected]

___________________________________________________________________________________Profile: I am a very versatile, adaptable person with a wide variety of skills and “hands on experience”. I am responsible worthy person with great organization and communication skills. I am motivated and hard working individual, I like to excel at everything I do. I love working with people and children, this is definitely a great strength of mine, I work extremely well on my own and as part of team.
I am trustworthy and capable, I pick up new tasks quickly and efficiently. I am impeccable at time keeping and work very hard at all times.

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QQI Special Needs Assisting level 5 & 6 combined.
(Currently completing this course through Chevron Training & Recruitment Ltd)

I have two children Clodagh aged 2 and Oisin aged 10 months. With this course I am currently completing I would love to work as an S.N.A teacher in a national school to be able to help children
who need extra help. I would be very good at this because I love working with children and I have a good understanding what they need and be able to support them and get the best out of them through work and play.

Education and Qualifications:

Course College / Institution Year

Leaving Certificate St Marys secondary school, 1991- to 1997
Ballina , Co Mayo

Diploma in Business Studies Tourism GMIT 1997 – 2000
and Marketing

Insurance Certificate IF1 & IF2 Insurance Institute 2005

Personal General Insurance Certificate Insurance Institute 2013 to 2014


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