NOT such cooperative. Processes are needed to assign

NOT ok.cooperative is the best way for people to better their lives, there is conflict of interest because people dispute inequalities of distribution of the products of society or the goods produced through such cooperative. Processes are needed to assign the rights and duties within society are best distributed. Some people tend to prefer a larger share to a smaller share. The principle of justice should first identity the similarities and differences between people when establishing such assignments and distributions. The concepts of justice is set of principles that assign rights and duties and determine distribution of social goods.
It is unlikely that people who consider themselves equal would allow a fairness that would require some to suffer inferior life prospects so that a greater utility could be enjoyed by a majority .utilitarianism seems incompatible with the notion of social cooperation. Utilitarianism contradicts these basic precepts of justice, particularly those that concern liberty and rights. A utilitarian society is simply regarded as an efficient means through which the spreading of benefits can occur and does not take into account the difference between a just society the liberties of equal citizenship are taken as settled. The rights secured by justice are not subject to political bargaining


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