Nowadays, having a problem at school, death

Nowadays, in this time and age suicide has been one of the important reason that should be worried about. Teenager cases in suicide had been increase year by year. They do not think wisely when they feel depressed and anxiety, that is why they committed suicide because they think that is the only way to run and solve the problem. Besides that, they should be worried and think what the effect to their parents.

Committed suicide among teenagers usually happens after a stressful in life, having a problem at school, death of family member and family problems. The number of rates suicide between boys and girls. Boys use a drugs and overdosing is one of the way to committed suicide.

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Furthermore, girl use a knife to cutting themselves instead of jumping from high. It is so hard and tough to be felt as a teen because their stuck between childhood and adulthood. Young people who have mental problems such as depression and anxiety are at high chance to get suicide. Some of the teenagers face a challenging life when their parent divorce or separating from each other as a common problems because of a financial problems. Other than that, teenagers who easily committed suicide when their being a victims of bullying. Teenagers felt their pressure to do well in their academic.

One of the reason why teenagers committed suicide because their feel loneliness or frustration of something and their parents or siblings never care about teenagers feeling. Parents should be oversee their children so that they do not committed suicide whenever their feel depressed or stress. It is one of the leading causes of death among youth (Wasserman et al. 2005). .

Therefore, there are a few causes of why teenagers committed suicide.Firstly, the things that we do in our life is actually depends on ourselves. Everything that we do we must think the good and bad result before we do something. Next, sometimes people do not think carefully about something that their want to do.

In this globalization era, teenagers like to share their problems on social media and when their get denounces by the netizen. In addition, when their get too depressed their started to think unwisely and doing something bad to their self. It is important for parents to know the sign of teen who might committed suicide. Moreover, certain people says that when the teens going to harm self or killing themselves it just like seeking for attention but people who do not realize about that if teenagers being ignored when their seeking attention. It might be increasing the risk of them to cutting themselves or more even worse.

On the other hand, it is important for parents to try keep the communication between them and let them express on how their felt. Parents should have shown their support to take those concern seriously. Subsequently, parents should be never underestimate what your teen is going through, this can increase the teenager sense of hopeless. In another way, if the teenagers do not feel uncomfortable or miserable talking with their parents, suggest another way such as school counsellor, another relative or clergy member. It was reported further that individuals with psychopathology and previous high level of functioning, but internalize theirs conflicts were at risk of completed suicide (Gagnon et al. 2009). History of suicide and early death in the parents, and parental mental illnesses were also associated with increased risk of suicide in the young people (Agerbo et al.

2002). Parents really need to have their time for their teens and build a good relationship in between. Moreover, young people who are started to think about committed suicide might also stop thinking about their future and they may begin to give away important possessions. Some people often feel uncomfortable on talking about suicide.

However, asking your teens whether their depressed or thinking about suicide can be helpful. It is always a good idea to ask them, even though doing it can be so difficult but it worth it at the end of the day. Suicidal are felt very hopelessness and helplessness. Suicidal teens felt like they in a situation where there is no solution and their can see no way but death. However, the problems that teens has been facing through is like they do not the control to changer their situation instead of committed suicide. Next, other emotional teen causes their try to escape that feelings of pain, being unloved, victimization or loss. Teens might be felt like their feelings are so unbearable and never end, so the only way to help them to escape is suicide.

Furthermore, teenagers might afraid of disappointing others it is like burden to their parents and this is one of the reason it can be additional causes of teen committed suicide. Subsequently, situations that drive teens crazy because of a detrimental home life or even a severe breakup can by contributing to causes of teen suicide. Culture has a strong influence on suicidal behaviour.

The role of family, religions and the different manifestation and interpretations of distress in the different culture context determine suicidal behaviour (Goldston, 2008). Moreover, there is a few of environmental factors occur together to cause suicidal feelings and behaviours. Lastly, another causes that underlying issues is one of a mental illness. Most of the teenagers who attempt to suicide do so because of depression, bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder. These kind of disorders that amplify the pain a teen may be facing through.

It is because of this that any suicidal teen should be treated by a medical professional. What is the important to remember is that teens attempt or commit suicide not because of a desire to die but rather in attempt to escape from a bad situation or painful feelings. It is rare that the only a single event that leads to suicide. This mean that by helping them to turn around a bad situation or by teaching them on to deal with painful feelings, we can reduce the causes of teen to committed suicide. Most times, this requires professional help by a doctor or a psychotherapist and may also involve in the teens school, such as in case of teen bullying.

In conclusion, we as a parents should acknowledge their teens many emotions. Next, parents should maintain a good communication with their teens. Suicide can be a very isolating experience for surviving family members because friends often literally do not know what to say or how to help.

Seek out for supportive group of people to talk with about our teens feeling. If those around you seem uncomfortable about reaching out, initiate the conversation and ask for their help.

Nowadays, topic around the world. Animal testing

Nowadays, animal testing has become a serious topic around the world.

Animal testing is also known as animal experimentation or animal research. People used animals to test cosmetics and drugs to protect themselves from dangerous consequences. This is because animals such as hamsters are mammals which are biologically similar to humans. However, this behavior is cruel and unethical. Hence, it’s a good idea that animal testing be banned for every country.Firstly, animal testing should be banned because humans have no rights to harm animals.

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Every creature in this world is equal. Animals deserve to have healthy shelter, clean water, good food and better treatment same as humans. Most people think that animals are just a dumb beast. They don’t realize that humans were animals too in the past. Thus, there are no reasons for treating animals in such inhumane way.

Secondly, animals have feelings. They experience happiness, sadness, fear and anger just like humans. The only thing that animals differ from humans is they couldn’t talk and express their feelings directly. Moreover, animals feel suffers when undergo procedures during experiment. Sometimes, they even get killed by humans.

Therefore, it’s wrong that people test on animals.It is true that animal testing saved lives and make contribution to medical science. It helps researchers to find out drugs and treatments. Many medical treatments have been made conceivable by animal experimentation.

For example, cancer and HIV drugs, vaccines and insulin. But an animal test is unreliable. Drugs that pass animal tests are not necessarily safe. Hence, animal experimentation should be banned to avoid unbearable consequences.In conclusion, it is definitely good that animal testing be banned. This is because there are many alternative methods available to researches that can replace animal testing.

Do not let animals suffer for our own benefits.

Nowadays, after, while the hideous witch or ogre

Nowadays, we live in a society that obsessed with beauty. From the moment each of us sets foot on this earth to the day we die, we are taught by the culture around us that beauty means lives happily ever after, while the hideous witch or ogre is doomed to meet a grisly end. We grow older and the princesses of our bedtime stories make way for shimmering Hollywood stars and carefully made-up models in magazines. The message, however, remains the same which is “beauty is everything”.

But as we strive for this indefinable perfection, we must ask ourselves what it truly means to have beauty and how much we are willing to sacrifice to obtain it. With all the big brand releasing their much anticipated products and some of them not being available in our countries, we tend to trust online shopping but is this safer? Shopping for cheap designer cosmetics might put you at risk and with social media playing a big role in this, many of these products are fake and more alarming could leave you with bad side effects. The beauty industry is exploding and with the youth trying to keep up with their beauty idols and catch up with trends, many are taking short cuts. These unregulated fakes can contain a lot of unregulated dangerous ingredients that we don’t know of and can cause massive damage.Firstly, issues that dependably show up are about the purpose behind utilizing restorative that can influence the skin. The impact to the skin by utilizing restorative is one of the desires that fluctuate for the corrective client itself. The significance of restorative is normally to look more excellent and be sure.

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It likewise assumes a major job in the production of a picture or being adequate to other people (DeLong and Bye, 1990). In an in the interim, corrective use gives a huge effect to the skin of clients that come in great outcome and ineffectual outcome. As per (Rodda, 2004) an excellence advisor, he uncovered that a considerable measure of items in the market are unforgiving on the skin.

Additionally, without utilizing a right insurance when utilizing restorative item, it can prompt influencing the skin to be more touchy. The skin will go on guarded, believing that it is being assaulted. Numerous individuals say they have touchy skin since skincare items, or family unit items that contact their skin, cause stinging, consuming, redness, or snugness. For the most part, individuals are worried about the condition on the skin and not pondering the impact to the skin.

Restorative as an item that will guarantee the progressions on the skin ends up being greatly requested item that fills the role of satisfying human needs. Restorative use and the fixings in the corrective item assumes essential job in wellbeing. A recent report by Substance Safe Skincare Exploration found that the normal lady utilizes 12 toiletries for each day, in total containing up to 175 unique synthetic compounds. Since 60 percent of items connected to the skin are assimilated into the body, the normal lady ingests five pounds of synthetic concoctions every year through her beautifying agents. Numerous items available are not sheltered and powerful, including one of each eight high-SPF sunscreens that does not shield from UVA radiation as specified by (EWG, 2007).Second, the sale of counterfeit cosmetics affects brands. Surely at some point in our life we have bought or at least thought about buying something that was not the real deal. They spend millions of dollars promoting their brand and doing all the right things with innovation and product development, only to have somebody create a substandard product with false branding.

The loyal following created by heritage and start-up cosmetics brands alike have consumers seeking all avenues to get their hands on the latest products. Those seeking the enormously popular Kylie Cosmetic Lip Kits are undoubtedly barraged with deals from traditionally trustworthy channels. There are presently over 300 results on Amazon for Kylie Cosmetics, while the brand clearly states on their website that these products are sold exclusively on the company’s website. Looking at the reviews of these products, you’ll find comments stating that the products smell like gasoline or that the product caused their lips to burn or stick together.

Third-party ecommerce retailers are having trouble preventing counterfeit products being sold on their sites, so manufacturers will need to step in to help. While manufacturers are doing their best to protect their consumers from dangerous knock-offs and their own brand equity from the effect these horror stories have on their business, consumers should not rely on 3rd-party retailers to guard against counterfeit product. These 3rd parties cannot guarantee a product is authentic, untampered, stored correctly, etc. Unfortunately, it is the manufacturer’s brands that get tarnished as negative consumer reviews on sites get attributed directly to the product listings and not the profiles of the sellers. Amazon is working to combat this issue and has strict anti-counterfeiting policies that can immediately shut down a seller operation. However, as identical operations pop up in place of the ones that are shut down.

Lastly, the dermatologist added that the use of these fake products with at times unknown chemicals can lead to a lot of dangerous conditions like allergic reactions, heavy metal poisoning, arsenic poisoning, exposure to dangerous bacteria and skin cancer. Cosmetics are not a healthy choice, but one cannot stop using them. It is advisable to use the products in moderation though, and only when absolutely necessary. As Dr Javed said long term exposure can lead to the accumulation of toxic materials in the skin, which can cause skin cancer.

The government should fulfil its responsibility to protect the public from harm by taking action against the sale and advertisement of counterfeit and cheaply made cosmetics. Skin Specialist Imtiaz Rao said that it was crucial to indicate the expiry date and provide other critical information on product packaging. Dr Rao advised adequate consuming conditions must also be clearly written on products together with the production dates. It is also crucial for buyers to read this information before purchasing and applying. In conclusion, the effect of using counterfeit cosmetics are effect of skin, the sale of counterfeit cosmetics affects brands and chemicals can lead to a lot of dangerous conditions. Its offensively clear that using counterfeit products are dangerous.

My advice to everyone buying fakes online is to do your research first and consider whether it is worth it. Because getting a reaction from a replica makeup brand which can cause acne, dermatitis, eczema or even scaling is not worth saving a few pennies in my opinion.

Nowadays, may have been unfairly dismissed because of

Nowadays, the problem of discrimination has been occurred across country, region to region, especially in work place and it has been rising.

Employer and employee have suffered from this circumstance directly and indirectly throughout any form of discrimination. No matter what the form of discrimination is, it can cause in many unacceptable and unpleasant behaviors and of course, a negative effect to company. In the hiring or recruitment process, an employer probably disregards a certain group of employees when issuing promotions. With little or no information about the qualifications of other applicants, the relevant needs of the employer or requirements of the job, applicants who may have been unfairly dismissed because of their race or gender are often left unaware or unable to act (Bendick & Nunes, 2012).

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While, an employer might favor and give privilege for a certain group of candidates, such as those in a specific age range or of a specific gender. Once the employee is recruited, employee is being treated differently and sometimes unfairly because of several reasons which will be described in this paper comprehensively. In a mean time, ones may be familiar with the word ‘discrimination’ but some of them possibly have no clear picture what it really means and how this has an impact on the context of their jobs and working environment. Discrimination, so-called “harassment”, does unavoidably affect to many aspects of working in daily life, rationally and emotionally.

Forcing within and outside workplaces can result in the mistreatment of workers (individually or as a group) through unjust practices (Jones 2000, Turney 2003, Hodson, et al. 2006, Lopez, et al. 2009).

Types of Discrimination in workplace There are several forms / types of discrimination in workplace which we would like to explain in this paper including; Age, Gender, Race and Nationality, Skin Color, Education Background, Disabilities, and Connections with Supervisors / Higher up in the company. Although, there are more than 7 forms of discrimination in some source, but I would like to focus on these forms because they have played substantial role in today’s workplace and its environment.DISCRIMINATION IN WORKPLACE 4Age Discrimination in workplaceFirst type of discrimination, ageism, it is common for societies to divide themselves into various age groups for the purpose of attributing rights and responsibilities, and in fact some age differentiation can be useful such as primary education for the young and pensions for the old. However, some form of age differentiations is harmful, it occurs when one age group is treated differently from another resulting in unequal treatment or service.

For the workplace, this practice let a person’s age unfairly become a factor to decide who’ll receive a new job, promotion, or benefits. Decisions about terminating employees also cannot be solely based on their age. Age discrimination normally affects older workers rather than against in the younger workers, but there has also been some case that younger workers being displaced by the older. It used to be that age discrimination was something that happened to old people which being more than age of 60, but today it happens to workers who by any other measure are young. People in their 40s and 50s are harder to find jobs, also easier to lose jobs as well. Between 1970 and 1991, the number of workers over the age of 40 in the U.S. workforce rose from 39,689,000 to 53,940,000.

It is no surprise, then, major developments, both legislative and judicial, occurred in the area of age discrimination in employment. (Falk, Ursula Adler, and Gerhard Falk. 1997. Ageism, the Aged, and Aging in America: On Being Old in an Alienated Society.

Springfield, III.: Charles C. Thomas.

) Age discrimination can occur at all levels of society: within government, within the private sector, and within the community. Any person or group can experience age discrimination. Older people are a large age cohort subjected to particularly high levels of discrimination, much of it institutionalized. Age discrimination toward older people is primarily influenced by the concept that an individual’s physical and mental capacity is negatively affected through ageing, and younger people are therefore more able. The individual’s physical might be more affected with the career that concern about external looking such as flight attendants or actors, due to the attractiveness is one of significant factor.

Also, new generations of people are assumed to have more creativity and innovation in implementing new ideas, for the marketing or advertising industry, mental capacity is required to create any new initiatives. Then, employers seeking to cut costs by shedding workers who earned higher salaries and benefits by virtual of seniority and experience. DISCRIMINATION IN WORKPLACE 5These causes are influencing the short and long-term economic consequence. First of all, it creates a negative environment and poor perceptions of company management. Your workers will be less interested in implementing higher productivity. Then, loss of experience and potential, the company will lose the extensive work experience and knowledge of older employees.

In term of ageism again against younger employees, your business may lose the potential to mold and keep a valuable employee for the year to come. Sometimes, the unintended result of causing your employees to leave your company because non-targets of the discrimination may concern that they could lose their jobs due to age or some other form of discrimination. It affects your productivity to go down and lose the potential and skills of your employees to your competitors. Moreover, many states have enacted laws that prohibit age discrimination.

The employees may sue your company that you illegally discriminated against, resulting in a financial penalty and negative public image of your company.The ways to avoid age discrimination in your workplace are beginning at every level of your company should be concerned to have training, specifically on discrimination and diversity. The training will help both supervisors and employees understand the benefits of age diversity and the effects of discrimination in workplace. Then, they have to put and clearly defined the policies that company would not tolerate unfair treatment based on age, especially new employees. After that, the employers use employees’ performance to be as a base in evaluating the rewards such as promotions, salary adjustment, or other preferential treatments instead of their age or experience. Also, when it’s time for reduction the workforce, employers should consider that do not making decision based on the age but value to the company.

There is an interesting case relating to age discrimination, in 1985, Western Air Lines v. Criswell, they required flight engineers to retire at age 60, claim that to ensure the public safety. By the way, Supreme Court determined that an employer cannot set maximum age limit without the proof that the public safety would be significantly repercussion by allowing an individual to work rather than age. DISCRIMINATION IN WORKPLACE 6Gender Discrimination in workplaceNo matter we are men or women, lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, no one should be treated unfairly in the work place since we are all have the equal rights to act or be acted. This should be realized for most people in the work place or any other environments but this problem, a gender discrimination, still occurs globally.

In accordance of Pew Research Center survey data in 2017, it said 42% of women in United State had faced gender discrimination problem.This figure has shown the result of the survey. Four-in-ten of women thought they experienced gender discrimination while there is only two-in-ten of men had said so. There are 8 areas which they (both men and women) experienced the discrimination concerns which are; earning issue, work competency, repeated small slights at work, supports from supervisor/ leader, assignment allocation, isolation feeling, promotion issue, and jobs rejection.Gender Discrimination, Sex Discrimination, Gender Inequality, these words have contextually same meaning.

It means any distinction, exclusion or restriction made based on sex which has the effect or purpose of devaluating the recognition, action or exercise by women, regardless of their marital status, of the equality of men and women, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, social, cultural, economic, civil or any other field in the work place. For instance, some employer may think they should not recruit any women to do the men’s job and they don’t hire, eventually. Some management may withhold promotion for female employee where as they uphold male’s promotional opportunity. Pay and benefit have also been considered as well as individual’s work tasks. However, The Equal Opportunity Act 2010 includes some general exceptional circumstance. This means that discrimination may not be against the law in particular situation. For instance, the employer will probably set the regulation or norm of individual if it’s considered as a genuine DISCRIMINATION IN WORKPLACE 7occupational requirement for this to take place, such as pertaining decencies and privacy (for example, in a fitting room or toilets). “The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission” also spread out that the gender discrimination is classified into direct and indirect discrimination.

For direct one, simply means the employee is treated unfavorably because of their sex, whilst indirect discrimination will be occurring if employers or managers hold Although, women are most commonly the subject of gender inequality in the workplace, men are also discriminated too. Ventura Corporation, a wholesaler of beauty products, was sued by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) for discriminating against men because the company denied hiring men as sales representative. Resultingly, the EEOC charged in its lawsuit that Ventura engaged in a pattern or practice of refusing to hire men. There are several reasons why the gender discrimination happens in the workplace.

The root cause of this issue is Prejudice / Pre-judgement. Ones have said, men are viewed as capable where as women are mostly viewed incapable When judgement about women is made in advance without actually observing them, examining their personality and working style, it is called prejudice towards women. Gender role and gender bias are also the reason. For example, of gender role, some role requires an extensive of working hours with extensive business travel for the preferred path to promotion and that may be a disadvantage for women to get promoted. For gender bias, effective leaders are thought to be determined, confident, and strong – mostly masculine attributes. But when women act this way, they can be viewed as aggressive, abrasive, and uncaring. Besides, they are also perceived as being less ambitious than men because of their focus on family responsibilities. Another one technical term of discrimination is The Glass Ceiling.

It’s a situation that prevents women from reaching higher and better-paying positions for which they are qualified. Since the causes have to come with the effects, as usual, there are some negative consequences of the gender discrimination. The mental health issue is the first unavoidable problem for the ones who are discriminated. Actually, this is the effect for all type of discrimination. This will rise employee’s anxiety level and their conflict among the work place. Once the conflict occurs, there will be bringing about negative teamwork area which also affect to overall job DISCRIMINATION IN WORKPLACE 8performance. Workers productivity and their quality will be dropped and will be costly to employer finally because of the turnover. It is a domino effect.

However, there are still rooms to solve or prevent this situation. Employers should be diversifying the training process since the training is crucial at all levels of an organization for employees to become educated about the advantages of gender equality. This helps to lower gender biases. Employers should also encourage women to enter fields which may have traditionally been male-dominant and eliminate unfriendly circumstance in the workplace. Young women have been encouraged to enter male-dominated fields—engineering and high technology, for instance.

Women in leadership roles can play an important role in inspiring and recruiting other talented and driven women. Coaching by successful male executives is also helpful, anyway. Identifying talent and offering leadership program to get more women into the capable resource, strategies and action plans customized for a company’s culture and business objectives need to be created. Leadership building programs could include formal learning sessions, coaching by executives, advisory forums, workshops, and networking.

Women are more likely to have uncertain career paths, they may be leaving (without pay) for maternity leaves and choosing jobs that they can work from home. Senior management needs to be understanding of women’s needs and chosen career path, then applying career flexibility for them. Last but not least, a reasonable and achievable target need to be set, and progress needs to be monitored effectively. This allows continual DISCRIMINATION IN WORKPLACE 9improvements made throughout the organization and strategies adapted to meet changing business and employee requirement or needs.

Racial and National DiscriminationDiscrimination at work based on race and national origin make the unfair employment decisions such as hiring, promotions, compensation, job assignments, training, and terminating for diverse employees. The race remains a thing of the past which be subtle and difficult to detect, while nationality could be defines by country of origin, culture, accent, ethnicity. Nevertheless, employees can be treated unfavorably or poorly when their race or nationality play as a role in employers’ decision. Nowadays, there are more diverse workforce, this brings an advantage to the company due to more diverse workplace also means diversity of experience and knowledge to share. In the meantime, conflicts can also increase from the several causes of inter-ethnic in the workplace. An equal employment opportunity of every racial and national employee cannot be denied, as long as their cultural practices or characteristics do not significantly interlope with the ability to perform their jobs or carry out the operation of the business anyway. It may be possible that some higher qualified employee might not be hired or promoted to the position, but another applicant in the different race or nationality do, due to the discrimination.The most common cause of inter-ethnic discrimination is preconceived believes about the people of another ethnic group, and they express in relationships and behavior.

Also, several ethnic groups perceive that they are more privileged than others, this can be one of the motives that drive the workplace conflict. Then, the offensive about an individual’s national origin, ethnicity, accent, or different characteristic can cause a hostile or displeasing work environment. It shows that the climate in the workplace is an important element in preventing inter-ethnic conflict, which employer must consider handling with this harassment. Experiencing unfair treatment or discrimination in workplace contributes to poor health and high stress for employees, also they couldn’t allow to achieve their full potential in workplace. Then, leading company into negative working environment in the long run, if allowing the discrimination to continue because it shows that the behaviors are acceptable. So, if there is no any mechanism in place to resolve the continuous workplace conflicts, the DISCRIMINATION IN WORKPLACE 10feelings of employee involved will stronger and they will be more sensitive due to the matter of race and ethnicity. By handling with issue before they become unmanageable, company must act to prevent the serious problems. The way to resolve race and nationality discrimination can be manifested in several ways.

Company should start to set up an anti-discrimination policy which mention to racism and ethnic, including standards of behavior and consequences. Secondly, to create diverse workforce, hiring employees from all races and national origins should be considering. This way is not only decreasing the discrimination conflict but help better serve your customer and develop your company with their experiences and knowledge. In the same time, employees should be educated about what constitutes ethnic discrimination by training. Also, establishing fair promotions by evaluate employees based on their performances and values to company without considering race, nationality, or other irrelevant factors. Then, holding team building sessions to make employees learn more about each other and create a positive work environment. Finally, encouraging open communication and establishing reporting system to allow employees feel comfortable discuss and report about racism and ethnic discrimination without fear of retaliation. Skin Color Discrimination in workplace.

There may be difficulties to differentiate Race and Skin color discrimination as it’s almost the same. We all know that people with the same race or the same country of origin may have different color skin, so Human Resource managers and any relevant HR person should be aware of this important thing, as it shows that although color and race perception may seem to be two sides of the same coin, they are ultimately different allegations. With the contextual understanding, we may perceive that Race and Skin Color may be overlapped in some sense, however, skin color discrimination in the workplace typically happens when employee is discriminated, harassed, against based on his or her lightness, darkness, or other color characteristic of his or her skin. Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has regarded the term “color” as a pigmentation, complexion, or skin shade or tone. This type of discrimination can happen to anyone in the workplace no matter he or she is discriminator or being discriminated by the same race or ethnicity. For instance, if we talked about African-DISCRIMINATION IN WORKPLACE 11American employee who has never been promoted by employer although he or she is experienced and better qualification than white people employee, this situation is considered as Race discrimination.

But if there are two French employees (same races) but different skin tone; darker and lighter, and they have been treated unfairly with some reasons by employer, this can be a Skin Color discrimination despite both being of the same race. The discrimination, based on one’s race also includes one’s skin color, as well as texture of hair, or any other certain physical characteristic linked to one’s race, is illegal according to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Although one’s skin is darker than one’s skin, it probably does not mean that the behavior of darker skinned people is worse than lighter one, but this perception still does exist. It is because of the negative attitude which has been imprinted.

The prejudice or pre-judgement is also another cause which generate color skin discrimination. One ever thought, black skinned people would be low level workers, labor level. This thought had been conveyed from generation to generation, until the proof revealed that, even dark-skinned candidate, Mr. Barack Obama won the election twice and named as the Mr.

President of United States of America. Of course, any discrimination always leads to negative consequence and so do this colorism problem. There will be a lot of stressful for the person who is colorism discriminated and thus, it will affect to workplace environment and job performance. The mental health issue is one of the major effects from skin color discrimination.

According to data from the National Survey of Black Americans, (Thompson and Keith (2001) found that women with darker skin had lower self-esteem, especially if they had lower socioeconomic status. These findings suggest that darker skinned women is probably more vulnerable if they do not possess social psychological resources. Thus, these two major effects can be costly for employers as they must face employee turnover issue (for experienced and qualified employee) and become harder to recruit in-demand workers.Solution to prevent and resolve are as following. Creating a safe and friendly workplace for all employee can be one of the methods to prevent colorism issues. Focus on the color diversity and be respectful to each one’s intellectual. In a mean time, provide them an inclusion training for employees and educate them to realize what constitute skin color discrimination. Employers may be addressing an anti-discrimination policy in workplace and conduct effective communication within the company.

DISCRIMINATION IN WORKPLACE 12Educational Discrimination in workplaceOne said, college degree is the must, while university degree is ideal. Apart from other series of discrimination in workplace, which are included age, race, gender skin and else, educational issue is one important aspect to describe as well as others because it also plays a significant role based on the survey result (in Thailand). Workplace educational discrimination usually take place when an employer requires the level of education which isn’t necessary for one’s job. Simply said, the academic background is not match, over-qualification in this sense, to the job’s requirement.

This type of discrimination is one or another way for employers to discriminate against some of the same protected groups of workers, either intentionally or not. However, this type of discrimination is not illegal. No matter it happens in the process of hiring, recruiting or employing, it’s typically not illegal. Because this issue does not, within context, abuse against of any federal laws protecting workers from discrimination. However, there are some resources said, the educational discrimination is somehow in between legal and illegal in case if the educational requirements of the job obtaining the job difficult for those protected under other laws.

The practice is sometimes, employers might create the advertisement on job advertising as “new-graduates welcome” for job applying and this will prevent the “non-graduates” or the ones who graduated for years from applying this position. This can be the form of educational discrimination as well. Besides, the skill test or knowledge test which employers need must be necessary and job-relevant for candidate as well.

Employers who value a high education may unwittingly discriminate the employee and causing in require a specific degree for some certain jobs, as we perceived this is not illegal issue. There was a case several years ago regarding educational discrimination. That is not to say every education or academic requirement matters to disqualify minorities of lower education background. The case was, in the hospital, the position where a certified nursing assistant, who has experienced but not a formal biology training knowledge, was denied to promoted in a position as a registered nurse because she might be expected to perform some complicated tasks – assisting in surgery operation, which was somehow hardly happen without concrete and solid educational background. Because that jeopardized for the institution’s reputation and image if something severely occurs. DISCRIMINATION IN WORKPLACE 13However, there is some negative consequence about educational discrimination.

Some employee who has less education background, such as blue-collar workers, but has capabilities to perform some job. Employer disqualifies this group of employees and truthfully, they cannot be promoted in a higher position. Company will possibly lose this group of royal employees who might work for a longtime in the company and consist pile of valuable experience just because of less education background.Disabilities Discrimination in workplace.The disabilities discrimination does exist in the today’s workplace and it affects to mental concerns which can generate mental health discrimination problem afterward. This discrimination can be happened when employee who has physical problem disability are judged or treated unfairly by employer.

A person may be disabled if he or she has a physical or mental condition that substantially affects a major life activity – the activities of walking, seeing, also reading, bending or communicating. Besides, for biological disability sense, it means when the one’s body works mal-functionally including the problem of immune system, respiratory issues, brain concussion, reproductive and other functions. As usual, disabilities discrimination commonly relates to several employment activities such as recruitment, hiring, training job assignments, human resource development, leadership program, CSR, promotions, pay, benefits, lay-off, leave, firing, etc. There was some harassment (not sexual harassment) of employee just because of their disabilities as well. There are both direct and indirect disability discrimination. For the direct one, it emerges when employer makes the decision, for example, not to recruit someone, not to promote someone, not giving a well-training program to someone, or unpleasant giving benefits or welfare, all of this because of disabilities. The employee who is/are ordinarily physical and mental discriminated his/herself, this is an ordinary direct discrimination. Besides, there are direct discrimination by association – the disability of someone they are associated with, such as a friend, family member or colleague and direct discrimination by perception – means how others perceive whether they have disabilities.

While an Indirect discrimination, this type is not obviously seen as the direct one, it can be happened unwittingly in some circumstance.DISCRIMINATION IN WORKPLACE 14The very negative effects of disabilities discrimination including a mental health issue, low morale, conflicts increasing, bad reputation for employer, lawsuit issue. When disabled employee has been seen undervalued, they will, of course, be discouraged and if this repeatedly happens from time to time, it will cause in mental issue and low morale in workplace.

This negative effect will be surely creating poor job performance and low productivity. It can be also indirect effect like increasing of work-conflict in this uncomfortable circumstance. Besides, disabilities discrimination is unlawful act and one(s) who is(are) discriminated can make a discrimination claim or complaints. The more problem against the law, the worse company’s reputation will be publicly perceived. The reasonable adjustment is one of the common protections against disability discrimination. The reasonable adjustment will minimize or remove the difficulties experienced of the disabled employee, having said that, employer will better treat the disable more favorably than others to reduce the disadvantages. However, some disability is not obviously seen, as I mentioned, it’s hidden and invincible – comes from biological disability like cancer, autism, and any mental health conditions. Some example of reasonable adjustment such as; Braille letter equipment for blind people, special chair for back problem employee, a special carpark for disable employee, etc.

Reasonable adjustments can be considered upon a disabled employee requests, or the employer is aware of a substantial disadvantage due to disability. There are also some other ways to reduce the rate of disability discrimination. In hiring process, employer should not ask the disabled candidates or job applicants regarding health or disability-related questions until a job offer has been made. Diversifying training program and reallocating duties for disabled employee, this will increase value of disabled employee. Avoiding making a negative assumption about the capabilities of them and educating other normal employee to understand the capability of disabled employee, this is to prevent from behaving in a discriminatory way, as well as providing company’s equality policies and procedures.DISCRIMINATION IN WORKPLACE 15Connections with supervisor and Higher-up Discrimination in workplaceOur last type of discrimination is connection with supervisor / higher-up discrimination in work place. This type of discrimination has rarely been seen in official sources but according to the primary survey in Thailand, it has shown the significant result among other kinds of discrimination.

When employee(s) has/have personal connection with supervisor in the company, this will affect to many things which could be privilege for such employee(s) including pays, salaries, wages, other benefits i.e. welfare or leave of absence, promotion, job allocation, job appraisal, etc.

This can be happened with many circumstances and environments, with no matter what the gender is, no matter where the country of origin of that employee is, it is all about connection and power. It also comes from the social and cultural barriers as well as the seniority too. In some company, supervisors who graduated from one university or high school will probably give a favor to their subordinates who also graduated from the same academic background although the job performance of that one is not good enough or even not qualified. This can be, and always, happened in some Thai organization. Employee in some company – SME business, which have been being managed by family members- so called a family business, usually suffer from this kind of discrimination. Employers will unfairly undertake this kind of action and may cause impaired result of one’s job. This will result in individual mental health issues for the employee who think this is unfair and feeling discriminated. It will also increase conflict in workplace if ones think they are exceptional better in performance and job’s result than the one who is given a favor because of DISCRIMINATION IN WORKPLACE 16connection.

High rate of employee turnover may be occurred right after the conflicts have not been properly resolved. It will be costly to the employer if there is a high turnover rate and bring about the bad reputation for the company.However, any problems also have their own solution to prevent and solve.

Employers need to make sure the position is clearly stated when it posted or announced, in a mean time, suitable job transferring request forms should be available for current employee. The description of that position should be also distinctly outlined for any requirement. Moreover, the operating procedures should be standardized although it is hardly seen in family business.Primary Research resultIn addition to the information of this paper which is written in prior section, here are the results from our research that we surveyed with the designated respondent (162 persons)1. This pie charts show the number of employees in respondent’s company (size of the company) which most of them has less than 100 employees. 2. The second pie chart shows that most of the respondent thought there is a discrimination in their workplaceDISCRIMINATION IN WORKPLACE 173.

This graph shows the percentage of each discrimination form in the workplace. We will see that the Connection with Supervisors discrimination considered to happen the most in Thailand. 4. This pie chart shows the job turnover effect of discrimination in workplace, and more than 50% of respondent have agreed with it.

5. The fifth pie chart shows that more than 90% of respondent have agreed that the discrimination will hurt others in the workplace and thus, will affect to mental health.DISCRIMINATION IN WORKPLACE 18 6. The last pie chart shows 83 % of respondent think the discrimination or inequality in work place can be managed and eliminated if there is an effective policy in the company.


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