Nowadays, buy for instance friendship, love, values,

Nowadays, the question “Does money equal happiness?” is one of the most controversial questions. Money is a big word in this era, especially for millennials. Money have a significant role in our life, but more than that we can realize that happiness is a feeling, the people cannot buy something that they need to feel. It is true that some people believe that money can purchase several objects which give them happiness.

This mentality is approved, but for a person is very hard to buy for instance friendship, love, values, experiences, morals. However, today, there is a considerable number of people who believe that money equals happiness, this kind of mentality has begun since the more common use of technology. The access to buy varieties of material goods can make you happy in that moment, it is possible that money can equal happiness (Macmillan, 2017), but not for long time, this happens when you want something and in that moment when you buy what you want can be very important and it can turn into happiness. Furthermore, this is a culmination of this point of view, that money is not an answer for everything, even to happiness. 1. Main Body Firstly, the old mentality such as ’60-’80 is very hard to understand now for millennials because they start to be open minded and it became very easy to understand the new influences. (Main, 2017) In the history it was proved that the family is the most important in a life person and they build all the emotions, businesses and relationships with the family connection. For them is impossible to understand the millennials mentality and how the question “does money equal happiness?” is that important and popular.

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At the beginning, the life a few years ago was pure and honest. (Connors, 2016) In that moment, love was one of the most real word and they believed in that feeling, the same such as happiness. All the smallest gestures count and bring happiness. For instance health, children, and of course a happy united family. Money was only extra to build needs and goods. The biggest increase of the value of money starts in our decade, they started to worth more and more for our happiness and the people forgot about the real feelings, they can be easily caught in the money world with fake honest and fake expectations.

According to Schopenhauer (1816) “On the Different Periods of Life” , “The happiness may have sometimes had to do, to love, but the money itself never bought much happiness, it is the illusion, or “chimerical””. With money can satisfy their need of comfort and security. “The characteristic feature of the first half of life is an unsatisfied longing for happiness, that of the second is a dread of misfortune. For with it there has more or less clearly dawned on usthe knowledge that all happiness is chimerical, whereas all suffering is real, said Schopenhauer.” (Delaney, 2010).

Undoubtedly, happiness is a big word and it is very difficult to define. Each person has different perceptions about happiness. Furthermore, the people know that money is needed to purchase their necessities, having a lot of money means that can purchase fancy and expensive goods, but the happiness would only be limited. Happiness does not means all the money in their bank account but all small things in life needed to be appreciate such as old fashion mentality. We live in a world of lies, all of us can be fooled by influencers or important persons to trying to have the perfect life with all expensive goods, but the real and true life it without this goal, in their mind is that money can improve happiness but their mentality is focussed only to take that money and buy what they think they need, not the gain they have at the end. Nowadays, the people tend to be superficial with their own life, to have big expectations but supported by money, not real hard work. 2.

Conclusion In conclusion, millennials are one of the most open minded generations and they need to realise that money cannot bring happiness for a long time. It is true that money make life easier but only materialistic and the only result is in a limited amount of satisfaction. It cannot buy emotions, feelings that they improve from pure love and affection. It is a balance between the value and amount of money and the happiness. Each person had his own balance for happiness, this means that nothing in this life can be equal, certainly not money and happiness.


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