Nowadays their health at risk when they

Nowadays the majority of people use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to connect with each other. This has allowed users to contact their friends, families and people who are abroad .Though and social media has several positive results like enhancing communication with friends, and education functions. If it used as unregulated manner, it will have negative effects on the society. Thus, whereas social media has considerably increased communication and property, it will in addition be addictive.
First, social media is result into social isolation by limiting meeting or face-to-face interaction with others. As a result, people who spend their time in social media may suffer from incur psychological symptoms like loneliness, social isolation, and negative outlook from their immediate family or friends. This might result into health considerations a lot of serious such as heart diseases. “With increasing isolation, people are putting their health at risk when they devote greater amounts of their time to online activities instead of interacting with other people” according to Sigman. Particularly once one feels that his isn’t being acceptance from her family or friends. Consequently, he confides in his friends in her social media accounts.
Second, Social media cause teens to become lonelier typically times due to insecurities they need. On social media, we see people having fun and who are happy personally the fact that people post pictures of what seems to be a perfect life enhances loneliness of teens. Teens feel they’re not as good as somebody else in social media or that their family is not as cool as that of an exponent. Instead of feeling like teens will connect with each other online through social media, they want they can’t qualify to the positive and happy life somebody else portrays online.

People think that the social media is not isolated, because it enable to communicate easily and it is the source for improve their talent, and also help them to know what happen in the world. I agree in this point, but the social media is curse more than it is blessing.
In conclusion, I think that social media is totally addictive. Social media has several out there resources which will lead individual’s particularly adolescent teens to their addictions. In addition, social media is addictive because it results into the matter of high dependency to web technologies by the society. This has caused a great deal of issues not solely to those dependent. Individuals ought to so take caution and accept their each day’s life and the way their continuous use of social media will have an effect on them.

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