Nowadays which seems to have the most impact

Nowadays the quality of students’ assignments have a tendency to be affected by a variety of factors; however, among them which seems to have the most impact on it, is the World Wide Web. It has become a heated topic of discussion in modern society. There exists a common belief that the Internet surge gives rise to comfort and convenience for all people, especially students when handling with their studying. A recent study in Malaysia by Lauran et al (2013) showed that 98.3% students have an approach to website for research of information and assignment due to the fact that it is faster and easier.

However, I espouse the strong belief that the World Wide Web has reduced students’ assignment’s quality in terms of accuracy and originality. First and foremost, in terms of accuracy, the information cited in the student’s research might be unevaluated or no longer accurate. It is challenging to access the content on the computer network and the students themselves are not likely to have awareness of the unreliability of the World Wide Web. The Internet information is probably inevitable due to main reasons. The initial one is that many sources can be adjusted by people with few academic credentials.

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For instance, Wikipedia is considered as the global online encyclopediaIn conclusion, while online platforms generate favorable conditions to satisfy the quest for unremitting knowledge, I am of the opinion that the students’ assignments’ quality was spoiled in respect of fidelity and originality. There should be training courses to guide scholars about Web-based resources evaluation and accepted sites for assignment research so that they not only are perceptive about but also minimize their negative influences on students’ research papers.


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