Nuclear to the us government china alone

Nuclear power plants are good Nuclear power plants are much better than you may think still not convinced instead perhaps well here are 3 reasons why you should not ban nuclear power, and keep it going.Number 1. a 2013 study shown nuclear energy saved 1.8 million people’s lives from 1976 and 2006 It even ranks last in death per energy unit cased deaths even if you include the fallouts from chernobyl and Fukushima even if nuclear waste is toxic it is stored somewhere safe away from people inside of the pollution pumped into the air that even you and me breath every day so if you get rid of the pollution in the air you are reducing that many cancer related deaths or the lung and brain injuries from   coal mines if we choose between putting lots of dangerous stuff in a deep hole vs more dangerous stuff being pumped in the air But the nuclear energy sounds way more dangerous thought why? Coal kills silently when nuclear insaadesdents as stuck in to you mind it’s like plane crashes Vs driving accidents the driving accidents causes more deaths than planes but plans aren’t quirky passed over.NUMBER 2Nuclear power is arguably less harmful to the environment in terms of climate change the fossil fuel is our main source of energy since 1976 64 giga tons of greenhouse emissions have NOT been pumped out in the air thanks to nuclear energyAnd by the mid 21 century that could go up by an additional 80-240 gigatons NOT pumped into the air humanity’s energy use has been rising steadily according to the us government china alone will add the equivalent of a new 600 MW coal plant every 10 days of the next 10 years china already burns 4 billion tons of coal each year coal is cheap and relatively abundant and easy to get to so it’s not likely humanity will stop using it soon so nuclear energy might be the only way to dampen the effect of climate change and pro venting a catastrophic man made global warming compared to all the other things we to to the world nuclear energy is relatively clean compared to everything else even if it is good to quit nuclear energy some time it would be used as a replacementNUMBER 3The fact is that nuclear power is not perfect but there is ways to make this better. We are still relying on old tech because the nuclear invasion stopped in 1970 but we could update this couldn’t we? We could there are much better replacement elements than boring old uranium an study suggests that we could use replacement elements like thorium as a more effective energy producing and nuclear waste that would be less toxic than normal nuclear waste and would deca as non radioactive half life much faster than uranium normally would. Also not only the file can be upgraded the model itself for exampleThe thorium reactor it could solve the COMPARISON TONNE TO ENERGY, AMOUNT   nuclear power problem altogether.

NEEDED TO OBTAIN ENERGY.                          Thorium is plentiful and hard to turn in to nuclear weapons and less dangerous nuclear waste and less wasteful altogether.For example the waste would only be dangerous for a few 100 years in contrast to a couple thousand years .

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