number to make the foreign payment for the

number is to be mentioned and name of person who had received the goods from shop, all time and date of sale are recorded carefully. All this things are to be noted by me in Tally software. I any confusion I wave to ask to my supervisor concerned. My entries were directed not recorded in Tally, they were recorded on temporary and then they were transferred to senior accountant.

He then conform all the entries from challan, and checks wither there is not any error in any entry. Then at last after his approval the entries were finally recorded in the Tally software. Along with recording the transaction of different parties, my work was to mail the statement of purchase to different parties daily, when they purchase. When their payment is received then I have to record it on Tally.DAY 30 – DAY 50Now I have complete half of my time with the organization and gain a faith of company. So they assigned me the financial work of the company. This work was very tough work form me, and my supervisor helped me a lot to make the task easy for me.

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I have to make the foreign payment for the each and every shipment of the company from the foreign company. This payment is done through banks in the form of “TT” which involves RTGS which mean “Real Time Gross Settlement”. For this process many document from the company has to be signed up, then they are analyzed by finance manager and finally they are signed by the proprietor if the firm and they are send to the bank for the payment.There are long steps involved in foreign payment process.Step 1- Record all the items which had been delivered to the shop in eac


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