Numerous expertise. Most powerful processors which were too

Numerous developments are being introduced as the epoch of Cloud Computing, which is an cyberspace-based progress and use of supercomputer expertise. Most powerful processors which were too expensive to begin with have become cheaper by the help of pooling processing power and providing the processing power on demand. The development of high speed internet with increased bandwidth have increased the quality of services leading to better customer satisfaction which the most primitive goal of any organization.The migration of data from the users’ computer to the remote data centres have the provided the customer with great and reliable convenience. Amazon simple storage services are the well-known examples which are one of the pioneer of cloud services. The eliminate the need of maintain the data on a local system which is a huge boost for increasing quality of service. But due to this the customers’ are always as the mercifulness of the cloud service provider as their downtime causes the user to be unable to access his own data. Since every coin has two sides, likewise cloud computing has its own fair share of security threats and also there may be some threats which are yet to be discovered.

Considering from the user’s point of view, he wants his data to be secure therefore, data security is the most important aspect which will ultimately lead to the customer satisfaction. The users’ have limited control on their own data so the conventional cryptography measures cannot be adopted. Thus, the data stored on the cloud should be verified occasionally to ensure the data has not been modified without informing the owner.

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The data which is rarely used is sometimes moved to lower tier storage making it more vulnerable for attacks. On the other note, Cloud Computing not only stores the data but also provides the user with functionality like modifying the data, appending some information to it or permanently deleting the data. To assure the integrity of data various hashing algorithms can be used to create checksums which will alert the user about the data modifications. To conclude, the working of Cloud Computing is fueled by data processing centers operating in a successive, collaborated and dispersed manner. User’s data is superfluously stored in numerous bodily locations to supplementary lessen the data reliability dangers.

Thus, dispersed procedures for data integrity will be the must have significance in attaining a strong and safe cloud data storage organization in the physical domain. However, it has new possibilities which are yet to be discove


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