Nur challenges impacting the industries. a) The technology

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Smart Sensor Technology
1. List 4 key challenges impacting the industries.
a) The technology itself.
? Purveyors are compelled to use their center MEMS and framework know -how to
acco mplish the relatively outlandish.
? Physical limitations testing the designer, bundle sizes can’t contract perpetually, while
requests for lower control and higher execution keep on rising unremittingly .
? Vendors are additionally compelled to implant increasingly insight and mindfulness into
these frameworks. To accomplish this point, innovation should be utilized over various
product platforms .
b) Industry’s broad fragmentation.
? Majority of income booked from MEMS sens ors originates from the smart phone portion,
i.e., there are in excess of a billion smart phones sold every year with each containing no
less than one MEMS sensor. Here, the smart phone OEMs set the determinations and
the merchants, characterize their MEMS se nsors as needs to be .
? IoT world is altogether different, portrayed by an exceedingly divided structure of going
after innovative stages. The requests set on the sensor subsystem involving the
sensors, microcontrollers, and actuators fluctuate broadly over the IoT space .
? Vendors need to make cross -stage arrangements coordinating equipment and
programming and give application -particular programming
? By utilizing programming and master application know -how, sellers assist their clients
with solving particular issues without fitting a custom equipment answer for every single
individual application .
c) Geometrically expanding complexity.
? IoT frameworks are naturally mind -boggling, and OEMs frequently require turnkey
arrangements or reference plans. The main concer n, providing just segments is not
anymore enough.
? Market -driving sellers meet these prerequisites head -on with coordinated brilliant sensor
arrangements, which extraordinarily diminish unpredictability by consolidating
progressively more framework handlin g power into single particular gadgets.
? Providers should likewise nearly co -work and shape associations with outsiders, for
instance, in making reference structures .
d) Security and Privacy Issues

? Privacy dangers will be expanded in the IoT as the multifaceted nature gives a greater
weakness that is identified with the administration
? To guarantee that the data sent through the system isn’t imperiled changed or denied,
security in keen sensor conditions ought to be considered.

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? Authenticatio n plans, including encryption and decoding of information, and additionally
evaluating the danger of a given situation, ought to be considered

2. Who should be attending the event? Provide 4 job titles with specific industry

a) President, Analog, MEMS and Sensors Group
b) Director, Head of IT ; Mobile
c) Chief Executive Officer
d) Center for Intelligent Sensor and MEMS Researcher

3. List 4 potential speakers who should speak at this event

a) Benedetto Vigna
President, Analog, MEMS and Sensors Group
ST Microelectronics

b) KM Liew
Director, Head of IT ; Mobile
Samsung Malaysia Electronics (SME) Sdn Bhd

c) Dr. Bazlan Osman
Chief Executive Officer
Telekom Malaysia

d) Prof Lee Chengkuo
Center for Intelli gent Sensor and MEMS Researcher
National University of Singapore

4. Write a marketing co py on “Why attend this event?”.

It is predicted that smart sensor technology will have an increase in demands especially in
the consumer electronics industry, automotive, healthcare, and other industries. There are so
many factors that contribute to this interesting statement. For example, the developing worry
toward security and reconnaissance, expanding need for vitality productive gadgets, developing
buyer hardware area, flood in -car industry on a worldwide premise, good government activities,
and developing pattern of scaling down in the sensors fragment are relied upon to support the
development of the market amid the figure time frame between 2016 and 2022. Thus, an
exchange of perspective or a mutual agreement is what we want through this event, especially
among top developers, governments and education sectors.


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