Nursing health care services (Barker & DeNisco,

Nursing Leadership Health PolicyNameInstitutionInstructorCourseDate Nursing Leadership Health PolicyIntroductionNurses are influenced by most health care policies and the IOM Future of Nursing report advocates for nurses to participate in the policymaking process and public policy changes which will positively impact their delivery of health care services (Barker & DeNisco, 2015). The IOM report also advocates for nurses to take leadership positions, which will better position them to advocate for changes in the public policies. The nurses are directly affected by any public policies implemented and are in a better position to advocate for any changes that will improve the delivery of health care services (Barker & DeNisco, 2015).Most health care policies impact the patients and since the nurses are the ones who serve and care for the patients, they are better informed and understand the patient’s needs better than any other stakeholder in the health sector (Barker ; DeNisco, 2015). Through a Gallop poll year, which indicated nurses to be the most trusted professionals, it would be wise for them to participate in the implementation and change of public policies (Barker ; DeNisco, 2015). Proposed Law ChangeMost of the health care policies are meant to benefit the health care sector with consideration of both the health care workers and the public.

The Affordable Care Act is one of the laws, which has had a big impact on the health care delivery in the United States (Rawal, 2016). This law was meant to increase the number of American citizens with access to health insurance, which is important in lowering the costs of accessing health care services (Rawal, 2016). This has been achieved through increasing health insurance coverage through creating an easy and accessible access to insurers where individuals can now acquire and buy insurance from the insurance providers (Rawal, 2016). This law has brought positive changes to the health care delivery system and the citizens of America, However, the law has faced a lot of opposition and campaigns for changes of the law due to the strict regulations it placed on insurers (Rawal, 2016). The law requires insurance providers to spent at least 80% of the premiums to cover medical costs of their consumers to enable consumers to receive a greater value for their health insurance (Rawal, 2016). This requirement will negatively affect the private insurance providers, which can result in a reduction in the number of the providers or a decrease in insurance providers offering health insurance plans (Rawal, 2016).

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This law should consider the insurance providers and not only focus on the health insurance consumers. This rate should be lowered which will enable the insurance providers to continue offering health insurance plans to their consumers and this can also result in an increase in the number of health insurance providers in the country (Rawal, 2016). Exact Wording for the BillThe Affordable Care Act on health care insurance requires that insurance companies must spend at least 80% of the premiums amount on medical care (Thompson, 2015). If an insurance company does not spend this amount, it must provide rebates to the policyholders who may include the specific employers or the consumers (Thompson, 2015). The remaining 20% should be spent on advertising and other administrative costs. Insurance companies can avoid paying rebates if they increase their percentage to 85/15, which means spending 85% of the premiums on medical care while the remaining 15% is spent on other costs (Thompson, 2015). Plan for the Implementation of the Policy DevelopmentAs a nurse leader living in the State of New York advocating for the policy change after the research and analysis of the Obama care, the next step would be to an arrangement to meet with a key decision-maker in the legislation process, which can involve a state elected official (The New York State Senate, 2018). It is the responsibility of the senate, the assembly, and the Governor to amend statutes in the State of New York.

During the meeting, information about the changes can be shared and the benefits of the reduction of the high percentage rate that insurance companies are supposed to spend on medical care. This will increase the number of the insurance companies, and health care insurance coverage, which will result to improved health care access and quality (The New York State Senate, 2018). Through this meeting, the official will be able to understand the reason for the change, which will increase the ongoing advocacy campaign (The New York State Senate, 2018). The message must be clear, factual, and supported by evidence. Agencies and other interested parties that support this change should also be included during the meeting (The New York State Senate, 2018).

After this, the key official will be able to influence the other key policy makers. The law change will now be drafted into a bill and presented to the senate committee for discussion (The New York State Senate, 2018). The senate committee evaluates the bill for its eligibility and then presents the bill after approval to the senate for discussion. After the debate, the bill is then presented to the assembly where after approval it proceeds to the governor where it is signed to a law (The New York State Senate, 2018).Champion for the Law ChangeThe New York senate will champion the law change.

The New York state government, which is also concerned with ensuring that New York citizens have access to health care insurance, will also support this law change since it will benefit the citizens of the State (Rawal, 2016). Members of the senate have power to influence changes in the health care policies and since I voted for the members of the senate in New York State, it is the responsibility of the members of the senate to ensure that these changes are implemented (Rawal, 2016). These changes will enable better health service delivery in the State of New York.

Other organizations that offer health care insurance in the State of New York which include HIP Health Plan of New York, Cigna Global Health Options international health insurance plan, and Aetna International Health Insurance have been directly affected by the law and would support any measures to change the law (Rawal, 2016). The New York State Nurses Association, which is a non-profit organization, will also champion for the law change since it aims at improving health care services in New York State. This association represents the nurses of the New York state and is influential in making changes occur (Rawal, 2016).ReferencesBarker, A. M.

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