Nutrition it or not. As older adults

Nutrition knowledge in adolescentsNutrition is apart of every person’s life whether they realize it or not. As older adults it is our job to educate young children and adolescents on the importance of nutrition and how it can and does impact their lives. We as adults really don’t do as good as a job teaching about nutrition as we should. The purpose of the study done in this research article is to evaluate the effectiveness of school nurse intervention on a student’s knowledge regarding healthy nutrition and dietary behavior.

This research article will explain why it’s important to educate these young adolescents on nutrition and the impact it has on them, just how little knowledge these adolescents have on nutrition and how that research was obtained, and how we can do a better job of educating.It is important to start educating during the adolescent stage because they develop their decision-making skills, independent skills, they also adopt to other life long habits and choices. All these characteristics are imprinted into the adolescent and carried with them to adulthood. This is a key reason why it is so important to start educating at a young age, so that they can carry what they learn into adulthood. It’s important as well because during adolescence you can change the mind more than when they grow into an adult. It is stated that eating behaviors are acquired during childhood and can be shaped in adolescent.

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It is greatly affected by family, culture, your peers, and even media. These are all important due to childhood obesity being one of the most serious public health challenges in current times. The lack of knowledge is contribution towards the childhood obesity rates. The study that was performed was done between 4 private school with both female and male participants and were between the ages of 12-15 years old. This was an ideal age group for this study because this is when they are developing their decision-making skills and take what they learn into their daily lives.

They are also at an appropriate age where they can answer the survey and understand what is being asked. The first part of the questionnaire that was being asked to the adolescents included 16 questions. There were 4 questions on energy balance, 4 questions on MyPyramid, 4 questions on portion size, and 4 questions on healthy snaking. The second part of the questionnaire measured dietary behaviors expressed by fast food consumption, skipping breakfast, fruit intake, and vegetable intake. Knowledge about nutrition will be measured by calculating the score in the knowledge about nutrition survey and the dietary behaviors will be scored using the dietary behaviors survey.

Higher scores indicate good knowledge on nutrition and the behaviors involving nutrition.


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