OBJECTIVE communication skills. EXPERIENCE Worked part-time while attending

• To establish a proficient marketer with competitive values that ensures trust and longevity of usage to esteemed customers.
The University of Tampa August 2016 – Present
Senior- under Bachelor of Science in Marketing
Currently GPA: 3.2
Relevant courses
• Evaluate entrepreneurial traits and entrepreneurial experience.
• Analyze the feasibility of business concepts.
• Develop a general understanding of pro-forma financials and forecasting.
• Identify the legal and regulatory environment impacting a new business.
• Evaluate the role of creativity and innovation in new venture development.

Marketing research
• Apply the marketing research process to solve a problem.
• Explain different research techniques as they relate to the collection and analysis of data.
• Apply statistics to convert raw data into meaningful information.
• Interpret basic statistical information and use it to make meaningful marketing decisions.

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Marketing strategy
• Identify principle of business plan, marketing management and marketing strategy.
• Polish professional communication skills.

Worked part-time while attending high school at National Bank in Kuwait 2009 – 2012
Call Center
• Collected customer feedback and made process changes to exceed customer satisfactions.
• Built customer loyalty by placing follow up calls for customers who reported an issue.
• Solving customer’s issue and finding their needs.
• Address customer service inquiries in a timely and accurate fashion.
• Calling the customers to give them great offers.
• Learned banking protocols.
• Process standard teller transaction for customers including servicing client accounts, managing safe deposit, cashing checks, and balancing cash drawers.
Owned a pastry restaurant 2010 – 2012
• Listening to customer complaints and acting on them.
• Managed five employees
• Controlled inventory of food on a weekly basis to minimize food costs.
• Making marketing and advertising.
• Built a strong relationship with customers.
• A member of Kuwaiti Students Union. 2018 – Present
• A member of Kuwaiti Student Organization Club. 2018 – Present
• Volunteering a marathon sponsored by NBK. May 2017

• Bilingual in Arabic and English.
• Computer: Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, and SPSS.

• Kuwait Embassy Good Student award. Spring 2017
• Kuwait’s Ministry of Higher Education Outstanding Student Reward for the year 2017


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