Objectives: ? Degree : CMAT – 64%


To pursue a challenging career in leading and progressive research organization offering opportunities for utilizing my skills towards the growth of the organization.

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Projects Undertaken:

? 7th semester : RAWE –Rural Agriculture Work Experience

? 8th semester : ELP – Experimental Learning Programme
( Groundnut Production )

Competitive Exams:

? 9th class : National Cyber Olympiad/ Rank -12082

? Intermediate : Eamcet – 12042

? Degree : CMAT – 64% Perecentile

Extra Curricular:

? Participated in Innovation day

2016 – Organic Farming Technique
2017 – Mixed Farming
Innovative Sugarcane Sprouting Technique

? Won many prizes in quiz and elocution in College


? Learning and grasp subjects quickly

? Adaptable

? Communication skills

? Enthusiastic and can produce results under deadline constraints
? Determined to learn with practical approach

Personal Details:

Name : Bakki Samanwith

Date of Birth : 10th Jan 1996

Sex : Male

Marital status : Single

Nationality : Indian

Permanent address : D- No: 16-3-80/1, Shanthi Nagar, Warangal
Telanagana , India.

Contact No .: Mob: +917799149976

Languages known : English, Hindi & Telugu

B.sc in Agriculture

Industrial growth, economic development, consumerization indicate a country’s progress and life standard of individuals, but this industrial growth brought along with it new problems too. Water pollution land pollution, solid wastes, depletion of resources, scarcity of good quality water. It all started during my under graduation when I visited a Textile industry, I saw In order to reduce the wastes during and after processing in the raw materials that they are using environmentally friendly routes and I was fascinated by the biological treatments which they are going for the treatment of wastes. This incident made me to take the decision in shaping my objectives and framing of my plans for the future.

Such experience in life raised my interest in Biological ; Environmental Science, because it is concerned with environmental monitoring to maintain balances of the ecosystem, study and restoration of the environmental quality which is useful for the betterment of mankind. I would like to contribute to the best of my abilities, to the research being carried out in this field.

As an interdisciplinary academic field, environmental science includes the study and application of ecology, physics, chemistry, geology, atmospheric science, geography, oceanography and natural resource management. Every scientific discipline you can think of has a direct relationship to environmental science because the environment is all around us. Getting an environmental science degree provides a wealth of career opportunities that have global importance.

My desire to pursue further studies in Canada is because it has the most dynamic atmosphere, which will shape me to be a thinker and a learner. After consulting my Professors, Friends, and seniors studying in Canada and going through various university websites Lethbridge University has been recommended very highly for its excellent faculty ; learning experience I am confident that wholesome education that I receive at the university will stand me in good stead throughout my career. The flexibility of the curriculum for Environmental Science at the University will give me the broad-based education I need to widen the scope of my knowledge and skills according to the industrial requirements and research interests. Lethbridge University could be the nucleus to accomplish my goals, as ample opportunities exist for students like me to initiate independent study and to become involved in active research programs, both experimental and theoretical. I am confident that in return for this I can make a perennial contribution to your institution and to the field of Environmental Science


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