Odysseus, goddess of love, who convinces him to

Odysseus, father of Telemachus, husband of Penelope, is the protagonist of the book, Odyssey by Homer, shows how courageous, fearless, and effective of a leader he is. He portrays much leadership through the early chapters of the book, facing many trials to reach his potential goal, going back to Ithaca, his homeland country. He shows determination, what makes him such a leader, in leading his crew back to Ithaca.But also, not every person is perfect, has flaws of himself, including sleeping with Calypso, goddess of love, who convinces him to sleep with her, and stay on her island for a whole year. He does, which disrupts his journey to Ithaca, but eventually a crew man tells him that they need to sail back, as they do. But Odysseus is man among earth, and is not a perfect man, but can still prove to us that he is a great leader to us.

First, Odysseus is a very critical thinker. He thinks before he acts, knowing that action talk more than your words. In book 9, there was an occasion between He proves this to us, in chapter

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