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Of the 10 leading causes of incapacity worldwide, 5 are neuro-psychiatric disorders. Of these, depression is that the commonest, accounting for over one in 10 disability-adjusted life-years (DALYs) lost (Murray & Lopez, 1996). one DALY is calculated united year lost from healthy life. Depression happens more or less doubly as usually in ladies as in men, and unremarkably presents with unexplained physical symptoms, like temporary state, aches and pains, dizziness, palpitations and sleep issues (Katon & Walker, 1998; Hotopf et al., 1998). it’s the foremost oftentimes encountered women’s mental state drawback and therefore the leading women’s pathological state overall. Rates of depression in ladies of generative age area unit expected to extend in developing countries, and it’s foretold that, by 2020, unipolar major depression are going to be the leading explanation for DALYs lost by ladies (Murray & Lopez, 1996). over a hundred and fifty million individuals expertise depression every year worldwide.
Reproductive health programmes got to acknowledge the importance of mental state issues for ladies, and incorporate activities to handle them in their services. generative health conditions conjointly create a significant contribution to the world burden of incapacity, notably for ladies, accounting for twenty one.9% of DALYs lost for ladies annually compared with solely three.1% for men (Murray & Lopez, 1998).


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