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Bruce FlowersPOLS 110110/29/18A Day Without a Mexican: Movie ReviewWhen I came across this movie, I immediately thought about immigration and what the country would be without immigrants like Mexicans. It is not a doubt that there are problems of immigration being faced in the United States especially concerning the Hispanic society. Though the United states is built on immigrants whom play an important role in the society, they are still seen as a problem by a few people. Hispanics as individuals are not the main reason for the animosity but more-so their cultural habits. A lot of immigrants have come to search for a job and to get a better life for themselves and their families.

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I believe this movie highlights the importance of immigrants, particularly Hispanics. This is a comedy centered movie based in the state of California movie using satire to present real life issues concerning the inability of people, mostly the whites, to appreciate Hispanics. In the beginning of the movie, there is a protest against the immigrants because they claim the Latinos are taking their jobs. A little while into the movie when a weird pink fog surrounds California, there is a communication breakdown and all the Latinos disappear. This takes a negative toll on them socially, politically and economically. White people are arguing, restaurants are dysfunctional because of the lack of Latino workers. The crops are rotting in the fields and the white famer is at a loss because he has no workers to help him.

There is so much chaos just because the one population Americans despise so much are gone leaving white people to realize how important they actually are and makes them understand that the Latinos maintain their “American dream” by working. Latino workers make agriculture the top industry in the United States, but Americans blame them for the economic problems that we face. I say this because I do not understand why there is so much fear and animosity when it comes to Hispanics or immigrants in general. They already make the lowest income possible and work the lowest skilled jobs that no one wants to do, but Americans say they are stealing jobs which comes off as appalling to me.Hispanics are one of the hardest working population in this country which moves the country forward. They are also the least respected and rewarded for their efforts and this is very disgraceful on the part of America as a country.

They deserve so much more than what they get because without them, as the movie explicitly highlights, there would be little to no development. The movie also highlights interracial relationships which came off to me that we are still equal despite our heritage or race. America has always been a nation of prosperity, opportunity, and freedom and because of that there will be people who want to migrate over. Immigrants have always come to America looking for a better life and Americans are always forgetting that their forefathers were once looking for that same life.

The message the movie sends out, using satire and real facts, cannot be denied.


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