OK approximately…). It is due Nov 14, so

OK – here’s your third and last essay assignment.

It’s about the material in Chapter 13, “Therapy.” As for your other essays, your response should be around a page or less (you know, approximately…). It is due Nov 14, so be sure not to miss the cut-off date! In Chapter 13, “Therapies,” your text discusses various categories of psychotherapy. There are “Insight Therapies” (two of these types are discussed); “Behavior therapies,” (three types are discussed); “Cognitive Therapies,” (three types are discussed); and “Group Therapies”, (three types are discussed).Which of these do you think would work best for you? What I mean is: suppose you were having an especially difficult time in your life (I hope you are not!) and decided you needed some professional therapeutic help (you don’t need to disclose any personal info here!).

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(A) Which specific type of therapy would you choose out of all of these? Please explain your chosen method and why you think it would be the best choice for you. (B) Which type of therapy would you be most likely to avoid? Explain that method and why you feel you’d prefer to avoid it. (be sure to explain the methods you choose


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