Oldtown target the young consumers and individuals that

Oldtown follows different standard technique marketing strategies in Malaysia but in China, it has adapted to the global localization which is using the polycentric orientation influenced by the local culture and also market conditions in gaining Chinese consumers confidence and trust. Oldtown have been present since 2014 in China’s main platforms and reported to been doing very well on the key supermarket chains and also online retailers, for instance, jd.com and t-mall.

(Oldtown AR, 2017.) They are also presently supported well at almost 100 online major platforms in China. A website which uses the native language might increase the consumers’ confidence in purchasing their products. This builds a connection between Oldtown and the consumers in China. China is recognized as a tea traditional country.

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In that, they have come up with a white milk tea which will attract more consumers because consumers in China prefers tea more then coffee and expect to increase more in coming years (Statista, 2018). Moreover, Oldtown had launched the mocha flavour in China in 2017 in aiming to target the young consumers and individuals that do not drink coffee (minime insights, 2018). This is because the changes of the lifestyle of young consumers in China would actually upsurge their demand for coffees.

Oldtown also uses online pricing strategy occurs in a situation where certain wholesalers or retailers who purchases products from The Oldtown White Coffee in a large quantity and able get trade and also quantity discount. Then they sell the products at online with a much lower price compare to the supermarkets. For an instance, T-mall uses bundle pricing strategy in selling the Oldtown products where they sell two or three products together and also with a free mug for every purchases. “Word of mouth” marketing strategy had been used by Oldtown in promoting their product in China. They recently had a contest where customers could win prizes such as free two tickets to Malaysia and free one year Oldtown white coffee.

They have to take pictures and upload it on Facebook and tag a friend and include hashtag of #ILOVEOLDTOWN and set the post as public. This was a good strategy as social media networking is a powerful marketing tool in building brand awareness and it maximize exposure. Social media makes it easy in reaching out the targeted customers.


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