Olubunmi impact of abortion: a critique of the

Olubunmi Mary OwolabiAstbury, E. (2008). Emotional and psychological impact of abortion: a critique of the Literature. The Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care, 34(3), 181-4.

Thomson, J. (2015). Legal Change and Stigma in Surrogacy and Abortion. The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, 43(2), 192-195.Complications and Risks of Abortion The aspect of ‘having a baby’ is either a dream or a nightmare to some women under the fact that not all women experience similar situations where they could conceive happily and easily or rather ‘not entirely’ due to complications. The justification of abortion in any society often emerges as a moral and also ethical dilemma. However, with the current developments in medical practices, it is quite clear that improved abortion practice with limited physical effects is encouraging for the participation of many ‘teenage mothers.

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‘ Abortion as such might result in psychological and emotional effects that are far much worse compared to the common physical side effects. As such, prior to justifying the need for an abortion, individuals and families need to have the necessary understanding of the critical reasoning behind why the procedure would be most significant.Making reference to the comments by Judith Jarvis, abortion as a widely accepted medical procedure enables for permissible use of abortion with the consent of the mother as well as familial spouses (Thomson, 2015).

There are various effects that most women develop before and after abortion that are always in correlation with their ‘beliefs about the “baby” growing inside them.’ In this sense, the mothers and teenagers experiencing ‘unwanted pregnancies should always consider the implications of ‘ending the life’ of an unborn child and in case the ‘pros’ overweigh the ‘cons,’ then the successful termination of the pregnancy would be least impactful. Abortion under the studies and assessments will always be dependent on the mother’s and familial choices/pressure. Therefore, it might be inconclusive to restate the facts contributed by Thomson (2015) that the practice of abortion will always be permissible especially during early stages of pregnancy and under situations such as rape and unwarranted medical conditions.Irrespective of the situation facing an individual, the process of abortion is never ‘a push-the-button approach.’ First and foremost, women seeking to undertake abortion need to consult professional help before taking the step.

Through consultations, the prospective mother will gather all the information necessary to make the right decision; whereas, the professional advisory as well guarantees the selection of the most suitable and appropriate medical process necessary for an effective abortion. Considering the emotions that women develop after abortion, Astbury (2008) articulates to the fact that the ‘procedure is a BIG deal,’ therefore, a woman cannot simply opt to resume her normal life or duties without feeling the implications (physical & emotional) of abortion.Delineating to the research by Astbury (2008) brings about psychological and emotional effects that an individual cannot easily rid themselves of. Particularly, the effects are much more extreme with persons who are highly susceptible to emotional struggle. The women who are highly probable to be affected by emotional side effects after abortion are; persons with prior psychological/emotional concerns, persons who were either forced or coerced to undertake abortion, women with ethical or moral convictions, as well as victims of rape (Thomson, 2015).

Under the stipulated circumstances leading to abortion, most parties tend to portray trauma, stress, depression, and emotional instabilities, but personal conviction regarding the reasons behind abortion guarantees ‘coming to terms with the experience.’ As such, under improper situations like rape and ‘unwanted pregnancies’ and further, unhealthy medical conditions of the mother, it is agreeable for a mother or teenage lady to provide the consent for medically induced abortion. Abortion is no crime if the right reasons are applicable to a woman, who should never be under duress.


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