Oludare AdesokanSept. 19, 2018 Eng. 300-003 Mr.

Oludare AdesokanSept. 19, 2018Eng. 300-003Mr. Sean FarrellPhysical Beauty to Inner Beauty Many researches have been performed over the battle of the beauties.

Yes, physical to inner beauty. Have you ever walked pass a physically attractive person with a pretty face? I can agree and say that we all have, yet have you ever looked twice at a not as attractive person yet you found an attraction to them? Elizabeth Kubler Ross stated, that people are like stained glass windows, they sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when darkness sets in, their true beauty is reveled only if there is a light from within. Agreeing to this quote, even though physical beauty is evident this may not all be true. Beauty is not in the face, yes make- up and tanning and luscious hair shows the world a sex appeal. Character, passion, kindness and humbleness is the true enhancement of beauty.America as I have seen in my years of being here has double down on what is beauty? Good looks, cars, homes, clothes, status and of course money, less not forget cosmetics, to the point where they change their being to be considered beautiful. As for a county from where I am from beauty is all around, from the shirt-less village woman with not the best clothes tending to her flock of her children in the heat of the day with doting eyes and a smile, which is yet beautiful.Though these two beauties are just that, inner beauty is found to be more important than outer beauty simply because it holds, personality of the person including the mind and character, outside of outer which is just the look of the person.

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I’ve heard some saying that inner beauty is what counts and that’s what an ugly person would say to keep themselves confident, which is rocky saying only because, who really wants to deal with pretty face with a bad attitude, which I guess makes the pretty ugly, vs character and personality of what the world may not consider beautiful to be just that diamond in the ruff.As we consider to look deep within ourselves to reach that inner beauty and some may have already conquered this, with a everyday presence of true and natural beauty, remember that everyone is a person who deserves to be loved and sought to be beautiful, it shouldn’t be because of our looks but rather our actions to be a better person, learning that money and materials shouldn’t makes one physically beautiful but what is beneath in our minds and our character that should a true inner beauty.Then we conclude, what is beauty? Not to disguise yourself in the name of “beauty” but to be yourself is essential and trustworthy. How can you know who you are when you are covered with a mask that wards off your true natural beauty and letting your inner beauty shine through? How can you know who you are if you look like everyone else? Inner beauty implies that it is not just outer beauty, but more of a spiritual and balance that shows your true beauty attributes, and if you love yourself truly, you will look beautiful. What you are on the inside will reflect the truth on the outside, remembering that we are all stained glass.


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